Getting to do what you love?  Providing for your loved ones?  What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Anna Hull | Designer & Calligrapher

I believe the term “success” is defined differently among different people or different companies. Success is usually based on goals being achieved, meeting a deadline on time, or reaching certain sales in a given quarter. For my business, I choose to define success from a goal standpoint versus a financial standpoint. For example, for the year 2020, I have set a goal to reach 100 Etsy sales (I am almost there!). Once I meet this goal, I will consider 2020 a successful year for my business. I continue this process of goal-setting each year to determine how successful I feel that my business has become each year. Read more>>

Santia Deck | Athlete/Entrepreneur

I define success by the usage of your God given talent in a way that impacts you, your family , or the world positively. Read more>>

Joshua Leonard | Character Designer | Animator | Storyteller

I don’t believe success is based on money, or fame. I believe success is about the positive legacy we leave. If I’m able to change lives with my artwork, and storytelling ability, that’s success for me. Read more>>

David Schwartz: Publisher

To me success is happiness, supported by business but defined by a well-balanced, joyful life with plenty of love. I love my kids so much, I love my wife, and I love the little world we inhabit. My business has been a big part of my life, and I do tend to stress over it too much. But ultimately it’s not what defines whether my life is “successful.” What defines that is the qualify of my relationships, my ability to provide for my family, being a good dad, being proud of my kids and seeing them succeed too — which means seeing them happy. Read more>>

Stacey Bell | I am a Life & Style Alchemist

Many years ago, too many to remember exactly, but years before it was even a thought that I would have created my own business, I saw a quote in a magazine and it stuck with me. It was a quote by Gloria Steinem from January 1988 that read….”(Success is) doing what you love and having a positive impact on people’s lives without starving to death.” I cut it out and put tape on it to preserve it and put it in my wallet. I have kept it in my wallet ever since and still have it to this day. It acts as a reminder and compass for me. Read more>>