By far the most common conversation we have with the folks we interview is about work-life balance. Starting a business or pursuing a creative career makes finding work life balance really tough because there is no clear start and end to one’s work day. We’ve shared some of our conversations on the topic below.

Kprecia Ambers | Digital Illustrator & Owner of Kp Inspires

Pre-covid, balance didn’t exist much but I didn’t realize it. My schedule revolved around my workflow. That meant waking up, maybe eating breakfast, hoping on my laptop and working while movies or music played in the background. I aimed for lunch, but it was also okay to skip and eat late or snack. By the time I stopped working, my night owl hours kicked in and I could finally decompress with dancing, music or movies. I was creating a schedule based on the idea society teaches, if you’re not working than you are lazy”. Read more>>

Ryan Brennan | Owner Atlanta Personal Fitness

At first, working a job for someone else provided me with “structure” which was great at that point in time. Then, I became aware that I didn’t have the freedom I knew I could have. So, when I first opened Atlanta Personal Fitness, my personal training and body transformation gym on March 1st, 2020, I actually became even more tied down to long hour days and weekends. AND I was shutdown for a couple months due to the pandemic and really had to shift gears and adapt to the online space for a bit to survive and bring in revenue. Read more>>

Dayana Salinas | Thrifting reseller / Photographer

We’re living in such a hustle 24/7 generation, where if you don’t have at least 3 side gigs you’re not doing enough. It’s one thing to have side gigs for nessescity but it’s another thing to over work yourself for the sake of just working. I get it, I used to push myself to make money, extra money and then even more money just because I could. Overworking yourself for someone else will take It’s toll on you. I’ve been slowly learning to focus on one thing I’m really good at and passionate about and find a work life balance. Read more>>

Carla Eustache | Event Producer and Entrepreneur

Work life balance, what’s that? Is there such a thing as work-life balance? As an entrepreneur your work is your life. In the first 11 years of my business, I honestly did not have a balance. I attended every networking event, toured every event venue and scheduled coffee meetings with everyone in Charlotte. My goal was to make a name for myself in a new city where no one knew my name. I put in the work early and have met and continue to meet a lot of great people who are the lifeline of my business. Read more>>

Troy & Taysha Harris | Black Empowered Clothing Line Creators & Vintage Fashion Aficionados That Sell

That’s actually a very funny question, and topic that we haven’t thought about. lol thanks for asking that. In the beginning we found it to be more balanced because life was as simple as going out to thrift, and then posting the item for sale on eBay. However, over the years, with the influx of sellers entering eBay and all the other selling platforms, we needed to get more creative. Read more>>

Shani Hadjian | Photographer

I started my business as a hobby, so my work/life balance at the beginning was great, as taking photos was part of my “life.” But then I soon realized I could make money with my hobby, so I started my business. That’s when the balance got wonky. What I love doing and find joy in is now my “work,” so what was a perfectly balanced scale before, now is leaning heavily towards “work.” Over the years, as my business continues to grow, I have to constantly reassess my balance. Add in there a wife and family that I would like to spend time with and I have to reassess again as the family grows. Read more>>

Daren Webber | Insurance Agent

I have a flexible schedule and it allows me to have a good work life balance. I enjoy spending time with my daughter. After my daughter was born, I set a cut off time and I make time for her. Having a good work life balance is very important. I believe everyone should utilize vacation time and take day offs to recharge. Read more>>

Martello Hicks | Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer

It really hasn’t changed besides more time dedicated to music Music creates a balance for me so without it everything else falls out of place. Read more>>

Tisha Ayers | Founder

My work/life balance has definitely had a drastic shift since starting Cashmere Moon. I spend most of my time doing something business-related, whether it’s in front of the computer, packaging orders, or trying to develop new products. Crazy enough, I absolutely love nurturing my business and watching it grow. But I understand how balance is important. I have two children and while I want them to see their mommy growing a business, I want to also know them and cherish the time we have together. To do this, I usually set aside Sundays as family days and take long breaks from work to play with them or have discussions over dinner. My husband and I take time to go out and enjoy each other’s company. Read more>> 

Jasmine Jones | Owner of Wax Queen Candle Co.

My balance has definitely become 80/20 since I started my business. My business has taken over my whole life in the best way possible. Everything I do, I do with my business in mind. I’m also constantly thinking of ways I can grow and improve my business. Since being in business for a year, I have found ways to try and balance the two. I think balance is very important to prevent burnout. It has happen to me multiple times. Read more>>

Nene Brooks | Hair Care Professional- Educator & Entrepreneur

Work life balance amongst beauty professionals like myself is actually imperative to sustainable success. Because most of us are also entrepreneurs within a service industry, its soooo easy to get burned out. once we get burned out, business begins to lack, home, children, and relationships .To avoid burnout and career resentment work life balance is the key. I know because I’ve been there. things I currently do now to avoid this in my life are; I set a realistic work schedule for myself that I won’t regret later. Read more>>

Karenina Simmons | Creative Director, Digital Design Strategist & Artist

Having a work-life balance is essential for being happy, staying motivated to keep growing, and thriving in business. I have worked in my industry for over 15 years and I’ve learned that I have to continually recharge or risk burnout. I had to also come to the realization that it was okay to do so. We are groomed to believe that we need to work hard at all times, have 60 plus hour work weeks, and being able to buy really nice things will make it all worthwhile. Read more>>

Chelsea Moore | Chef

Work Life Balance can be a challenge when you wear as many hats as I do. I’m a wife, mother of three year old twin boys, an owner of not one, but two businesses a full time employee, sister, daughter and friend. While it gets busy, my greatest accomplishment is learning how to prioritize my time, make time for the important things and people in my life while still pursuing my dreams and surpassing my goals. Read more>>

Jesse Williams | Cinematographer & Editor

Work/life balance is an interesting topic, and lately seems to be somewhat polarizing even! I came from a previous job where the work/life balance was essentially non-existent. They railed against the concept and wanted you to devote your entire life to the business. However, the ditch on the other side of the same road is lethargy, which can be equally damaging. Read more>>

Jaya “TooCool” Turner | Aspiring Jeweler

Honestly, I’m still finding my balance. I work at a community center 10a-4:30p currently (times vary depending on the time of year) and some Saturdays 10a-2p. The job alone is very fun, active, and rewarding. However, it is draining at times. When I get home, I genuinely just want to relax and chill to prepare for the next day, but in order to expand my business I can’t always do that. There are times at work when I have to figure out what to post on my social media while also tending to a child who needs me. Read more>>