Most people say they want success, but when you ask them what success means you get wildly different responses. We recently asked some of the best and brightest in our community to tell us about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Monsta Luther King | CEO of LOaD BREED/Artist

In my opinion success is defined by what one is able to achieve when helping to educate, inform, and build others. Being wealthy doesn’t define success to me. If I’ve been the reason that someone wants to better themselves or grow then that is what I consider a success. Read more>>

Tityana Stewart | Fashion Model

I define success as when you’re comfortably living and also what you’re successful in is helping others in some type of way. The success is not just for you but for the ones you impact as well. Read more>>

Kate Hensley Phillips | Photographer: Love, Editorial, Creative Direction

I used to think success was defined by my status on social media, how much income I was bringing in, what people said about my work, and how it compared to the best in the industry. When you run a business with these goals at the forefront, you are destined for burnout. I have gone through multiple seasons of burnout because I have been working from a place of trying to impress others rather than doing the work that I love. My definition of “success” has greatly changed in 2021. My work is driven by dreaming, creating, moving towards the things that make me come alive, and challenging myself creatively. I have moved from a “make money” to a “make art” mindset and it has shifted everything in my business. I have learned that when you do what you love and are passionate about, people are drawn to it, and success naturally happens. My new definition of “success” has majorly decreased burnout, allowed me to produce work I am truly proud of, and has provided for me and my family financially. Read more>>

Chelsea Ollie | Blogger & Personal Shopper

I define success by reaching goals, overcoming failures, & making an impact. Read more>>

Katie Beavers | Wedding Floral Designer

I’ve struggled with the idea of success plenty of times before. I entered college with no drive and no direction and got a degree I didn’t really care about. I watched my peers around me pursue careers and have motivation and be what anyone would consider “successful.” I stumbled into the wedding industry just as a part-time job to pay for school, but eventually made my way over to the floral design side of things by way of some very kind friends who were willing to teach me. I fell in love with it. Pretty soon I had people asking me how I planned to expand? When was I going full time? How was I going to find a big enough clientele in my area? For a while, I thought pursuing those things would make me successful. I was comparing my life and what I thought I should be doing with what is considered standard success. I love doing floral design, but I wavered at throwing everything in my life into this path. Read more>>