We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Kelley Johnston | Owner of Bread and Butter Bakery and Coffee

One piece of conventional advice that I disagree with is when people think timing is an issue. Many people say that you should wait until the “right time” to start a new business but I believe by waiting for the right time you miss out on what you could have achieved in the time that you were waiting to get started. I believe timing can be used as an excuse to put things off and not take the risk. When you actually are scared of not succeeding or being rejected. There will never be a perfect time to start a new business, take a risk, or learn a new skill. You just have to jump in and get started because no one can be sure of what our future holds. We will never know what we can achieve or how far we can go if we don’t take the first step and try. Read more>>

Jenn Weeks | Comedian

I disagree with the notion that you must pick one thing and focus on that one thing. While I fully understand there may be times when you must concentrate more on one area than another, I don’t think you should abandon those other areas completely. Continue to water those other ideas/talents and watch them grow and bloom as well. Read more>>

Sherridan Drakeford | Owner & Baker

I would have to say, “focus on your 9 to 5 because that is what pays your bills”. Whenever I think about this statement, I have to laugh about it! We are conditioned to think that the correct order of life is to go to college, graduate, find a good paying job, get married, and then eventually retire. That might be true and the desire for some…and that is okay. However, I find that statement not okay with me! I have always been trying to figure out how can I create my own lane. November 2018, I can remember that day so clearly! I was so excited to tell my friend about the $100 that I made for selling my sweet potato pies during the Thanksgiving holiday and about how I was thinking about adding this new hustle to my plate. I asked him for his opinion, and he said “Here is my honest opinion! What are you going to be? An accountant, a jewelry maker, or a baker? Your hustle needs to be your 9 to 5 because that is what pays your bills!”. Read more>>

Matt Greenia | Musical Artist & Production Consultant

DIY. I struggled with DIY music for 20 years, but didn’t make true progress until I assembled a large team and started delegating. Read more>>

Will Mewborn III | Chef & Caterer

One piece of conventional advice I disagree with is going to college. In other words, the world and many parents put pressure on teenagers to go to college immediately after high school. At that age kids don’t truly know what they want to do in life and it could take years to discover their passion. Many young adults are rushed to discover their purpose, passion and skills due to the world persuading them. However, there are parents who go another route and don’t rush their kids. College can be helpful for many to discover themselves but for me I learned my calling outside of college. I completed two years in college for something that I am not doing right now. It took me approximately 6 years to discover a talent/skill that I was great at and love. Now imagine if I stayed all four years and received all this debt for something I only did because the world persuaded me. Read more>>

Angelita Hammond | Wardrobe Stylist/Style Blogger

Fake it until you make it! I really hate this advice. My mom raised me to be honest and unpretentious so I personally can’t do this. Besides pretending to be someone you are not or to possess something that you don’t have isn’t sustainable. My blog and Instagram followers are too smart to be fooled by a ruse. Read more>>

LaTasha Bosby | Dessert Maker

That you can’t be a mom and a full time entrepreneur at the same time. So many times people try to tell you that you have to be one or the other. People tell you to focus on your children but the whole reason I started it was for my children. Not just because I loved making treats for them and their classmates but because I wanted something I could grow for them and they can possibly take over when they are older. Read more>>

Ashley Bustamante | Lash Artist + Content Creator

Having a plan and waiting for the right moment to execute it. It’s okay to feel unsure or insecure about what your next step may be. For the longest time, I was completely clueless about what my next step was going to be, until it sort of just stumbled in my lap. In reality, there isn’t a right or wrong time to start whatever it is you truly set out to. So many people start over in their late age because they discovered far too late that what they initially chose out of this life was wasn’t for them. And that’s completely fine! Take that plunge and do what you’ve been setting your heart out to do, regardless of whether or not you know the next step. The fear of failing is often times the only thing holding us back from actually succeeding, where as if you were to just shoot that shot, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you’re able to accomplish. Knock that self doubt out the window. Read more>>

Phaedra Janaye | The Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Black Girl – Model

A piece of advice I disagree with is the idea of “sticking to what you know”. Meaning that you’re not willing to expand your means and encourage yourself to go beyond what’s in front of you. Read more>>