We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Shanann Huie | Tax Business Owner and Educator

I am inspired by making a difference in the world. I see a lot of individuals who, are financially illiterate. We are not able to accumulate or build generational wealth. It is a cycle that keeps perpetuating itself in minority community. We are not educated on how money works. We are not given tools, knowledge, or education on something so simple. We enter school for 12 or more years and finance is something that rarely mentioned. We are told to go to school , get a secondary education to make money but, we are not versed on how to maintain and grow it. We are in a society of just spenders. They is nothing wrong with spending. We need to also know how to invest for our future. Whether it be a small business, real estate or stock. Read more>>

MC Luna Trine | Professional Creator & Tie Dye lover

I’m inspired by the creativity of my heart. i love to create works that come from within me. works that make me happy. i have recently been creating colorful photo edits and videos. i have also been creating vlogs that are fun to watch and entertaining and bring joy to others while they watch my works of art. I’m also inspired by the creations of others as they motivate me to think outside the box and push through boundries. Read more>>

Olivia Colley | Fashion designer

As cliche as it might sound when people ask me this question I respond with “everything” because honestly that’s the truth. I will be out with friends and sometimes the conversations that we have allows me to visualize a piece based from it. Few times I can listen to an album or a song that I really like and my brain will just put the pieces together and I’ll evolve off of it throughout the days to make it the best I can. Read more>>

Sandra Pete | Elder/Teacher/Quiltmaker

All of these questions are so broad, I pondered over them a quite a minute before settling on this one. Ultimately I chose this one because I believe that inspiration is key to any idea. So, with that being said, I am inspired by the sunrise and the sunset, the continued evolution of life. The possibility and potential that presents itself day in and out as I live and breathe, sustains my faith and gives me the hope and perseverance that I need to stay the course as I seek to be an inspiration to all of the lives that I touch. I am just working on being Elder worthy; at this stage in my life I’m more concerned with being an inspiration than I am with what will inspire me. At my age it is an inspiration to be alive and healthy! Read more>>