TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Kenneth Rodriguez | Creative Designer

I define success as growth. You often hear people define success with becoming rich or moving thousands of units. To us success is overcoming the hurdles of failure and continuing to chase progress no matter what obstacles are thrown at us. Every time we come across a problem or issue and get over it consistently with the same determination and motivation. Having launched this year we have switched screen printers about 4 times, embroidery shops 3 times, and due to the current epidemic had to stop production for 6 months. We didn’t let any of this defeat us, instead we pushed through and grew from it each time. That is how we define success. Read more>>

Kim Lambert | Mom,Wife, Businesses Owner

The easy answer is by wealth but the truthful answer is better illustrated in what I remember about the funeral of my Grandpa Vydareny. I don’t remember much except that there seemed to alot of families there. In the receiving line I had tons of men say to me and my dad, they were who they are today, good men because my Grandpa and what he taught them. He was a Highschool coach. Your legacy is your real wealth. Read more>>

Jamika Daniel | Clothing Boutique Owner & Entrepreneur

I define success as being able to live a life doing what your passionate about while being financially stable to do the things you love to do and maintain the lifestyle you desire.  For me personally, I would be solely working on my boutique and other projects in fashion and home decor while traveling the world with my friends and family. Read more>>

Gary and Elaine Jones | Certified Photographer, Owner’s of G & E Studios

True success, for us, is not measured by financial growth and status. Success is having a happy balance in both your personal and business life. Finding that successful balance has come with many challenges. The first obstacle was realizing where our passion was in the photography business. Through trial and error, we found our love for capturing a family’s season was the most rewarding. The second was outlining our strengths and weaknesses. The desire to please our clients is our number one strength. We started the ball rolling by discussing what was important to them. We asked what they wanted to see improved. They desired to keep it fun! Tell them what to wear. Tell them where to put their hands. Low stress. These things we at the top of their list. So we went to work! Read more>>