TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Katie Mallett | Founder, Make + Do

This question challenges me in the best way because it’s something I often struggle with. Am I + my company doing well?Are we successful? Are we making an impact? I think it’s really important to lay out a pre-defined list of what success looks like – knowing that the list will grow or change as you go along…and that’s okay. When I first started, I had a few factors that I decided meant my company was successful. Read more>>

Kimberly Boyd | Pet Care Business Owner

Being true to yourself. Being loyal to my friends, family and my clients. It’s about having a passion for something and sharing that kind of joy with the world. Read more>>

Jessica Holt | Exercise Physiologist & Content Creator

I define success as achievement, the relentless mindset toward attainment. success starts with mindset, focus and intention. My brain retrain your lifestyle encapsulates achievement, attaining goals and clenching success! Aspire to achieve it, seek inspiration to accomplish it, and be motivated to do it! Read more>>

Jason Burkey | Actor + Optimist

I believe success can be both a dangerous and motivating word. It is something that it can hold too much power over your life if you let it. When I first starting acting professionally twelve years ago, I had a misconstrued idea of success. To me, I defined it as a lot of aspiring actors might – getting recognition, having money and winning awards. I had stars in my eyes. As I’ve gotten older and had more experience in the film industry, I’ve thankfully reached this place where I define success as having a balanced life. Read more>>

Cary Matthews | Fractional COO serving small businesses

I’m successful when others are successful. The purpose behind Opal Partners is to have a positive impact on those around me, and in strictly business sense, helping them solve problems or make their company better. Of course, being able to build and maintain a practice that allows me to earn a living is a key metric of whether or not I am achieving my purpose. Every dollar I earn, every referral I’m given, every business owner I can help – whether directly or by connecting them with someone else – are the key performance indicators that tell me I am on track. Read more>>

Casey Pauline | Personal Trainer, Flight Attendant, Author

When most people think of success they think of a sum of money or a following of an enormous amount of people. However, I believe success isn’t about money or having followers at all. To me success means you’ve accomplished something you’re passionate about and it make sense it even MORE successful if what you’re doing has helped others; even if it’s just ONE person— that’s STILL success. Read more>>

Yolanda “Poetic Flow” Jackson | Poet, Photographer, Producer, Sr. Paralegal, Business Consultant

I define success by the positive & life-long impact you have on people. Having money definitely is a plus because it allows you to be able to help others in huge ways. Success is about your legacy & trademark on life. When you walk away from someone, you want them to forever remember you in the most powerful & positive way. Success is running into someone you impacted 5-10 years later and they tell you that because of what you said or did helped to shape & guide them to become the successful person they are. Read more>>

Tyra Mitchell | Author and Evangelist

I define success as fulfilling my God given purpose and using it to help others. One of my personal quote’s is, “You haven’t truly lived until you begin to fulfil your purpose!” I am a firm believer that whatever God ordains he shall sustains. Here are some key points that helps to mold your success: . Believe . Vision (Plan of action/Goal) . Passionate . How you brand yourself, product,or services . Willingness . Set a deadline and execute it Success is all about believing in yourself. Read more>>