Getting started is HARD.  Getting the first client is insanely hard.  Keeping that client happy, generating more and continuing to keep everything going is heroic.  So we asked these heroic entrepreneurs how they got started and took something that might have just been a hobby and turned it into a business.

Robert Williams | Photographer and Media Production

If you ask someone who wants to build their own home, and was given millions of dollars, the question of: “What would be the first thing you would buy in regards to building your home. “? Most people would say land, materials, builders, etc. But in actuality, it is my opinion that you would first buy the ” Blue Print” or plans for building the house. Both the size of house and the land could be build according to the plans you have. This analogy is what I used as my starting point for starting my business. Read more>>

Caden Harris | 9 Year old CEO

I was inspired to start a business after my sister started her business. I saw her making money and inspiring other people and it made me want to do the same thing. I couldn’t figure out what my “THING” that stood out was or how I would inspire other people easily. I was attracted to making my own money though. I had figured out that money gives you choices. I began taking classes on financial literacy but what I found was all of the classes were taught to children by adults. Here was my “THING” Financial literacy taught by a kid for kids. Studies show that kid learn easily from their peers. I created my own financial tools for kids to learn and earn money. Read more>>

Susana Jaruczyk | Creative Mastermind & Operations Overlord

Being a stay at home homeschooling mom to 4 kids, I have always try to do little side jobs & things to make extra money, Over the years I’ve had part time jobs, babysat, taught classes, cleaned houses, done random sewing projects and alterations for friends, you name it! About 3 years ago as our older kids got old enough to drive, we realized we needed an extra car, so I did what I know to do best and that was pray that God will provide a way to make extra money for a new car. Read more>>

Pepper Jones | Beauty Guru & Business Coach

I started the concept of Stay Chic 4 Cheap, LLC while working at a call center in Georgia. The job site would actually let me sell products out of my cubicle and sell to the employees working in the call center, which is how I got my first client. My co-workers would walk by my cubical and purchase cosmetic items, fashion jewelry, custom orders, and more. Whatever I could purchase in bulk was sold at the call center site. It started out as a hobby to increase my personal income. Shortly after, I researched how to legitimize my business and took the proper steps to do so. Read more>>