It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea.  So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Adriannea Smith: Content Creator & Business Owner

I came up with my business Standby With Adrie by wanting to a way to share my travel stories as well as share my favorite travel tips with my audience! I wanted to create more in depth posts for others to be able to read about my whole experience instead of a snippet of it! For my second business The Doggish Life I came up with the idea after my experience working in veterinarian clinics and having clients ask me about what proper toys and treats should their dog get! The Doggish Life dog subscription box was born to save pet parents a lot of time because I do the research for them and all of my treats are all natural with no harmful ingredients!. Read more>>

Rheuben Herbert III: Disc Jockey

The idea for my business was sort of a natural progression. I have always had a passion for music dating back to when I used to rip CDs for my friends and was a member of marching, concert, jazz, and gospel bands. Transitioning into my college years, I was known for being the person to bring a speaker to events and be on aux duty at house parties, tailgates, etc. Post college, me and a few chapter brothers started throwing alumni events for homecomings and a friend gave me the moniker “Club Rheub” for creating the club-like environment and always being down to keep the party going. One day I decided to buy a DJ controller and teach myself to mix the many playlists I had compiled over the years. My intention was to put out a mix each month to send to my friends but I quickly gained enough confidence in my ability to create a DJ business. I genuinely enjoy creating a fun environment for others and DJing has allowed me to do just that!. Read more>

Anthony Green Jr: Writer & Innovator

More than anything, I want people to remember the work I left behind. The words I carefully crafted to document my time here on earth. Even if they don’t know me well enough to attach my face to my work that’s fine. I want my legacy to be centered around the time and care I poured into everything I created. Read more>>

Johnson Reginald: Creative director

I believe it is important to be remembered for what you were Called on earth to do . For me, all that I have done up until this point of my life has been in the service of the most high, utilizing the arts as a vehicle to transport my gift to others . I’ve always aligned myself in this purpose, thus my legacy will be my light. The light that is illuminated in us all , it is also within my mission to help others see and bring out the fullest of their own light . I want people to remember that I saw them even when they didn’t see themselves and that I was genuine and pure in love while doing it. Read more>>

Morgan Albritton: Owner, Ambassador & Geeky Kindred Spirit

I would like folks to remember that I created the first female owned comic book store in Western North Carolina and it functioned with the belief that we can be fair and honest with everyone- and still make money. That despite wild clothes, makeup, haircolor, etc. (or being your typical anxiety ridden nerd) I was someone that you could 100% trust to follow through with what I believed was the “good side of the force” choice. That I worked really really hard and was always really really good to everyone who came into my Nerd Sanctuary. I have been described as Harley Quinn styled with the ethics and moral grounding of Wonder Woman and Mr. Rogers. Which means that I was there: when someone needed a shoulder to cry on, needed me to stand up and defend them in court, needed me to host a memorial, to find an obscure book that they used to own when they were a kid, when they needed me to plan their wedding, or to sing and dance as a super hero (delivering comics for their kids’ birthday). Read more>>

Dr. Shanta Patrick: Educator, Model, Motivational Speaker, Author

As a young child, I would immerse myself in books and magazines. I spent many hours in my neighborhood library and was disappointed that there was a limit on how many books I could check out to take home with me. Nevertheless, I would spend countless hours reading and imagining what I would do…what I COULD do with my life. Reading the stories of women who had accomplished goals that they had set for themselves even in the face of adversity inspired me to reach for what others might think is the unthinkable. I am thankful for the beautiful faces in those magazines that were accompanied by a beautiful MIND and SPIRIT. They inspired me to become #BeautySquared. Read more>>

Aisa Blue: Artist, Content Creator, Child of the most high

My legacy will only be complete if it lives through the lives I’ve touched. I want to leave behind my mark in people, knowing something I did helped change or save a life. Some of us walk around in dark spaces filled with coldness and the thoughts of being unloved. I want people to remember that I loved everyone. That through my art , my brand and all that is me that Love still exist. That Someone does care and that God is with around and through me/ through us all. – Aisa Blue. Read more>>

Sahaar Lyles: Editor, Fashion Designer/Curator, Recording Artist

I came up with the idea for Nubian Impulse over summer break from college. I remember walking into the local CVS – and in the entire rack of magazines there was not ONE just for people of color. To me it revealed a lot, about the area I lived in, its disconnect to its neighbors and more importantly, the lack of representation overall. I pictured all the little black girls that probably frequent that store and subconsciously take notes from that rack. I started off (and still am) as a neo-soul, hip hop artist, and the lack of venues / platforms promoting black art was one of the main factors in why I started the business. I had no idea where it was gonna develop but I knew I needed to start somewhere. Read more>>

Tiffine Croom: Nurse/Certified Weight Management Specialist/ Certified Online Fitness Coach/Licensed Zumba Instructor

When people look at my life and all that has taken place I want one word to come to mind and that is “perseverance”. I want my legacy to be one of strength, integrity, humility, commitment and determination. Read more>>