Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Catrina M. Wilson | Creative Studio Director & President

I pursued a creative career because I knew that it would be the best way for me to live a truly fulfilling life. Creativity knows no bounds or limitations. As a creative professional, I seek continuous growth and purpose-driven exploration which both are requirements for building a successful creative career. Creativity allows us to dive deep within our own minds, hearts and capabilities to manifest something the world had not yet seen or known before. The act of creation is divine in and of itself. By connecting to our own ability to create, we are aligned to our unique power to conceptualize and develop ideas and solutions that otherwise may never exist. Creativity is the ultimate form of problem solving being that it allows for infinite solutions to infinite problems. Read more>>

Kelundra Smith | Freelance Theater Critic, Arts Journalist, Playwright, and all around Storyteller

Ever since I was a child, I always felt more at home in my imagination than I did in reality. I would make up stories at school, host photoshoots for my Barbies in my room, and I loved to play dress-up. The mind has infinite wisdom and the ability to create new worlds always appealed to me. There have been many times I have thought about quitting being a writer and using some of my other talents to make more money. However, nothing feels as good as telling stories to me. If not me, then who will tell the stories that are in me to tell? In the beginning, I think a creative career chose me, but as I’ve gotten older, I definitely have chosen it. Read more>>

Alisa Diane Anderson | Writer and Filmmaker

I pursued a creative career because I absolutely LOVE to write and tell stories! Being a writer/filmmaker means that I get to create worlds that are both similar to my experiences and drastically different. I get to explore people and situations that I may never get the chance to, otherwise. I can produce solutions to problems through characters that have the strength to fight things head on, and others who have the vulnerability to show consequences and weakness. Growing up, I always had an inquiring and expansive imagination. I didn’t know at the time, that I could really pursue writing or filmmaking as a career choice, and I even tried my hand at other careers. However, in exploring other career choices, I realized that my creativity and natural talents and gifts were stifled. Read more>>

Veniece Newton | Founder

My life has been focused on community engagement and empowering others through everything that I do. I’ve also had a love for hip hop for as long as I could remember.. @CypherCity allows me to provide a Virtual platform that spotlights lyricists, producers and DJ’s to the world. This fulfills me because it allows me to help others while listening to some really cool music. Read more>>

Rhonda Barrymore | Makeup Artist & Stylist

I was driven by my insatiable desire to not only to help people but to create art. Nothing could stop me, not even when I got into trouble for using color crayons to reimagine a piece of furniture or accidentally using my baby brothers new pajama’s to create a new frock for my Barbie. My parents had a great idea a decided to paint the walls in our garage, white. That gave me plenty of space to be creative, drawing and painting, wise. By the time I was around seven years old I was drawing portraits of movie stars. When I got a little older I helped my teenage Aunt, by plucking her eyebrows. Read more>>

Ethan Orphé | Podcaster and Filmmaker

All I wanted to be able to express myself and have conversations with people. Podcasting allows me to do that freely. I think at the end of the day art, no matter the medium, is about evoking emotional response that leads to starting a dialog the artist wants to have. All my decisions are in an attempt to fulfill those objectives. Read more>>

Krystal Ketcham | Entertainment Journalist

I pursued a career as a content creator because I truly enjoy creating content and sharing the story of others. Creating content for others to watch was always something I enjoyed. It never felt like work to me. Read more>>