We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Marie Allen | Mom of @2boujeebulldogs a.k.a. Auburn and Georgia

BELIEVE has always been my “word”. It’s so applicable to everything in life. No matter what you are facing you just have to believe even when your mind is making you question yourself. Also, I’ve always said my motto is “too much is always just enough for me”! When I do things I do them BIG. I’m a perfectionist so no cutting corners. If you want to leave an impression you have to go big….stand out…don’t try to blend in! You have to make people take notice. Some people don’t like that and that’s ok. I am a lot for certain personalities. I’m loud, animated, funny, and quirky. Read more>>

Matt Otts | Online Personality CarFlixNChill

My favorite quote is “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” I haven’t a clue who actually said those iconic lines but I carry them with me each and every day as a simple reminder that giving up is never an option. I love how motivating these words are and how they keep me aligned and focused when the times are really tough. Read more>>

Kayla Everett | Educator and Entrepreneur

Yes, I do have a favorite quote. I remember years ago watching something that Atlanta rapper, T.I. was on and I don’t remember what he was speaking about, but in his response he stated, “It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get it right, just as long as you get it right, and once it’s right, it doesn’t gets back wrong.” That quote has stuck with me ever since because I am a firm believer that it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get it right (whatever “it” is). What’s important is that you keep going and that you never give up until it’s right, and then when it’s right, you never allow it to be wrong again. Read more>>

Eric Rivera | Choregrapher & Movement Coach

The past year or so, I have been driven by this quote from Tony Robbins that says, “Everything that happens in your life—both what you’re thrilled with and what you’re challenged by—began with a decision.” This comes from his book Awaken the Giant Within, and it was recommended to me by my trainer Justin. From this book recommendation, I have begun to understand the power we all have to decide to pursue whatever it is we want in our lifetime. Read more>>

Sherese Sutton | Candle Maker & Mom

One step at a time each step with confidence is my favorite affirmation. It means no matter how big or small the step is take each step with confidence. Be fearless and keep going. I love that it reminds me to remain confident. Sometimes it can feel like you’re not doing enough. So that extra push of confidence is helpful. Read more>>

Tiffany Boazman | Realtor

My favorite qoute or affirmation is: I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me. My grandmother told this verse to me over and over again when I was a child and it has stuck with me my entire life. I truly believe that I can do all things through Christ and that belief has allowed me to be the person that I am today. Read more>>