As ecommerce continues to grow and platforms make it easier than ever to start selling online, we think it’s essential to get folks who have already had great success selling online to share some of those insights with the community.  Check out some of the wisdom below.

Yaminah Childress, J.D. | Social Entrepreneur | Startup Coach | Legal Strategist

Shania Childress – YANY Beauty

I sell both products and services online. The thing that worked well for me was having a well-designed website that I was able to do myself and the ability to work with people who perfected the back-end of website development such as SEO. My one piece of advice is to plan for the full web development process in order to sell online. Having a website in itself does not sell products because without the additional things such as SEO and an advertising strategy people won’t know you exist. So be prepared to do or invest in all aspects of creating an online selling platform whether that is products or services.

About me: I own a beauty brand and curated boutique in Fayetteville where we offer luxury and clean beauty products – Cosmetics, Skincare products, Haircare products, Beauty tools and more.

Ashley Johnson | Women’s Clothing Boutique Owner and Atlanta Realtor

Phillip Grant – PWG Lens @pwglens

Yes, as the owner of Ayschel Boutique, and online women’s clothing boutique, I see women’s clothing and accessories. One piece of advice for people who would like to start selling online would be to learn your target audience. Once you learn your target audience, it is easier to put together your marketing plan because you know who you’re trying to reach.

About me: I am the CEO + Founder of Ayschel Boutique, an online women’s clothing boutique. In addition, I am also a Realtor in the Metro Atlanta area.

Chanara Herbert | Entrepreneur/ makeup artist

Chanara Herbert

Well, right now I currently sell cosmetic products online. What helped me sell my products was getting my customers opinion on things they liked so I would do things such as taking polls or this or that. What also helped me was doing giveaways or sending out samples of a product with each order. One piece of advise I will share with you all is that you must research. It does not matter what the product you must do your research I have been able to find my vendors on my own without purchasing any.

About me: I own Flourish Luxe Cosmetics LLC. and we offer mink eyelashes, handmade lip-gloss , eyeshadow and more. Then there is The Flourish Experience where you can get a luxurious or natural makeup beat whichever you’d prefer.

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Karl Hibbert | Fashion Designer / Stylist

Xitlali Diego

I heavily lean towards the e-commerce route of product selling, this allows for me not only to maximize my intake, I can monitor analytics of my website, traffic, conversion, hot products, etc. The biggest piece of advice I would suggest is to perfect your sourcing/supply chain before you go mainstream/live. In other words, have reliable distributors and/workers on your team. If you choose to outsource your embroidery, it’s best to make sure you can trust that person’s word on turn around time, and guarantee no price fluctuation etc. normal ethical business principles; but this operational feat seems to tackle many-a-brands once they get their first high influx of orders. Lastly, I have never been a “bulk” manufacturer. Granted, I make my pieces myself, but I have never seen the need to have more than…10 of one piece on hand at at time. Ordering in large quantities (that don’t match your current demand) can chokehold your capital and force you to ramp up marketing or increase sales in order to merely break even.

About me: Fashion Designer & Stylist for Fortunate LifeStyle – Creating custom clothing & exclusive 1 of 1’s for private clients, recording artists, and the world

Kyara Murry | Nonprofit/Business/Legal Consultant & Entertainment

I sell both products and services online. I Sell it through my own store, and marketplaces like Amazon and social media. Running your own store is the best way to sell online because you’re in complete control. You decide the look and feel of your store and how your products are presented. You’re not vulnerable to external factors, such as algorithm updates, and you don’t have to compete in a crowded market. If you want to change something, you can. You don’t have to wait for Amazon or Facebook. An algorithm update means a platform like Facebook has changed how it decides which pages and content to favor. Online store builders let you showcase your products and process sales in a faster and easier way than ever before. You can automate a lot of mundane processes, giving you more time to focus on other parts of your business. Plus, your ecommerce store can literally be “open” 24 hours a day.

About me: I own a consulting firm. We offer services that provide resources for businesses. Our is to help other sustain and grow.

Dr. Nazeera Dawood | CEO, Vendorship Inc

Vendorship Inc. is a full-service government contracting partner for local and global SMEs. We operate as an extension of our clients’ team, with a variety of experts who help shape business-development assets and connect them to evolving public-sector needs. Our customer proposal-writing journey also takes care of any and all documentation, registrations and certifications. A crucial element that sets us apart from other specialists in the field is our intense level of bid intel work: We find the bid information that is needed to make networking, positioning and solid project-pricing decisions to better secure government problem-solving relationships and improve our clients’ ROI. For them, “We make government contracting easy.” That’s our motto. Our team is growing from a humble grass-roots beginning. We would not have reached this point without each other’s support. We literally came from working from the couch, to now having a dedicated core team and a satisfied and growing clientele. As a small core group embracing challenges and navigating big-business pursuits, we want to be a reminder to all that the road to growth of a business is never an easy one. However, with a strong vision, and confidence in your product and team, anyone can reach imagined heights. When the pandemic hit, we had no other choice but to go completely virtual. It actually added value to our services as it was never interrupted. Our team of women felt more valued as we could be near family members and still perform the work towards client deliverables. For a business to succeed, it should be able to adapt to the changing times and evolve through its services

About me: I am the CEO of Vendorship Inc and we provide end to end solutions to product and professional services companies interested in government contracting. We are the one stop shop for successful proposal submission in the local and federal government.