We asked the community to open up to us about their favorite books and we’ve shared some of the responses below.

Romell Greene | Video Producer

Richard Maneen

One of my favorite books that I’ve had the chance to read recently has been Erich Fromm – To have or to be. It explains two modes of “Being”, living and participating in life: The “Having” mode, the type of mindset that sees everything as a possession and must be “had. Fromm distinguishes what makes up the identity of an individual whose life is predicated on the things that they have or want to possess as opposed to the “Being” person, the individual whose esteem comes from his or her own qualities or skills and “Being in the moment” while not possessing it. Being a psychoanalyst Fromm picks up on this in individuals’ language and how they speak on simple things like “I have a headache” versus “my head hurts” you can’t “have” a headache he would say but your head can hurt. Another example which may make this clear is attending a concert, Fromm and I would say the concertgoers with their phones out recording the show are in the Having mode, they want to savor and take home the concert for later as if it were leftovers, they want to have some part of it, for whatever societal or personal benefits may come from it. As opposed to the concert goer in the Being mode who simply enjoys being at the concert and has no intent for this moment’s happiness to go beyond what is here and now. Thinking this way may not always be advantageous today, but it was a good starting point for me and whoever else wants a way to decide on the important things in life and what to really focus on. It makes you look at life as something to be lived with not as something to be possessed and had. Fromm asks “If your sense of identity is based on what you have, then what are you if you lose what you have ?” and I find that question even more relevant today in the time of instant gratification than Fromms of the 1950s. If you developed skills within yourself that are not external and cant be bought no one or thing can take them away, In a way, it is a philosophy of self-help like a lot we see today to dispel the anxieties that we may go through of not having enough, the solution in Fromms and my eyes is to be enough. Focus on developing skills and traits and not possessing the things that may come from a well-developed skill or trait You cannot by expertise and rarely will anxiety and self concinnous creep up because a well-cultivated skill is hard to take away from someone it stands on solid ground in the soul and will make an even more grounded person in times of adversity.

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Kelly Romo | Artist & Music Producer

Kaileb Flowers (IG: @colourfulreaper)

I think one of my favorite books of all time is ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand. It was recommended to me years ago when I was in a really low place, struggling with my mental health, my creativity and overall purpose and pursuits. At the time I was in school online for music production and audio engineering, and working full time at a hospital. I carried that 753 page novel with me to work every day, and spent a particularly difficult summer rediscovering my love for words in its pages. The book centers around two architects, whose respective processes, studies, and creative perspectives are almost completely diametrically opposed, Through the course of the novel, the first architect, the star student, the top of his class, the teachers’ pet, and the one highly predicted to succeed gets a permanent position with a prestigious architectural firm immediately upon graduation. He is admired and revered for his perfectionism and nod to historical convention in the modern architecture of the time. Opposite of him, the second architect is completely unconventional. He is daring, defiant, bold, unruly, and completely rejects historical style, resulting in his expulsion from the same program and his struggle to secure jobs and commissions. While the first architect maintains prominence, the second fails to find work, and loses almost everything by refusing to conform to what the public calls for in contemporary architecture, ideas, and etiquette. He is impossible to work with and unmoving in his conviction to create what HE wants to create. As the story progresses, the first architect slowly loses his surety, his confidence, and eventually his work as the second architect rises to favor for his uniqueness, his originally, his authenticity, and his dedication to what he has ALWAYS viewed as art, not simply a nod to history or coloring perfectly within the lines. This novel absolutely changed my life, but not at the time I first read it. When I branched out from DJing and producing dance music, the music I created sat well outside of defined genre lines and even further outside of people’s expectations of me as an artist. Although the initial rush pushed a lot of projects into the world and spurred a ton of excitement, almost half a year into the process I was hit with the debilitating realization that not everybody in my life, including certain friends and family, liked what I created. I was devastated, discouraged, and just an utter and complete wreck over it. I struggled to determine my next course of action, whether I should return to dance music, force myself to love creating the same genres I DJed, work with external producers, vocalists…. I was at a complete loss. I felt all motivation, persistence, and resilience that I so frequently thrived under ebb entirely away. That’s when I remembered this book, I remembered the second architect, and how vehemently people hated his work, loathed his designs and buildings, and actively sought to end and ruin him. At the end of it all, his authenticity and dedication to his art rung out a victory and notoriety far beyond that of the architect who followed all the rules, and did everything correctly. I am the second architect. In times when I feel challenged, doubted, insecure, uncertain, or any tempest of negativity, whether internally or externally, I think of ‘The Fountainhead’, and I remember that creation of the art, of MY art, is more important than the world’s reception of it. And THAT is the most important thing.

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Savannah Rose Johnson, BA, CLC, RTTP | Author, Artist, Life Coach & Hypnotist

Hello Headshots

“Wealth & Worth: Financial Focus for Money, Power & Finding Your Purpose” is not your mother’s finance book. It’s one of my favorite books because it’s a down-to-earth finance book for people who are stressed out by money. It’s fun, aesthetically pleasing & perfect for Millennials & Gen Z folks who are trying to navigate adulthood and balance their money situation so they can be independent. Wealth & Worth teaches readers about themselves most of all & how money can enhance their lives when they learn how to use it as a tool for achieving dreams.

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Darius Norman | Radio Host


My favorite book is ‘ How to win friends & influence people which was written and published by the great Dale Carnegie. This Particular installment has been in print for over 75 years. And I must say that the guidance I have received from reading this book was great in assisting me in achieving my own personal development goals. The topic areas that are covered in this book are invaluable especially if you are looking to climb the ladder of success to reach the desired outcomes in your business and personal life. And I will list some of the topics that are covered in this book below this area. • You will learn and find a simple way to make a good first impression. • How to become a good conversationalist. •What to do when nothing else works. • How to Interest People This book is a must-read that I suggest to everyone to collect and add it to their own personal library.

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Lord Phly | Inspirational Rockstar

Renee Neptune @Reneeneptuneshots

My favorite book of the moment, honestly has to be ‘No Fear No Worries No Apologies’ By LordPhly! Yes that’s my own book, yet my reasons for choosing it are actually the affirmations & lessons that live inside! Providing then foundational tools & tips to understand ones self, while embracing the undeniable energy within to Will all that you envision into reality.. Time Is Your Luxury, Own It Don’t Waste It, Don’t Allow others to waste it for you is my favorite, because for me it ensures I hold myself accountable for my time, which allows me to hold others accountable for it. In a world where time is of the essence, ensuring to treat your own valuable is key!

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