Doing what you love or loving what you do?

Do people decide to love what they do or do they decide to do what they love?  We asked folks who love what they do, why they love their work and what they love most about it, in the hopes of better understanding how we can all better enjoy our careers.

Alison Duncan | Artist

I absolutely love being an artist for so many reasons! For me, it’s life-giving. I love translating a feeling or a moment into a painting. Creating challenges me in a way that can simultaneously energize and frustrate me, but if I keep pushing through, I can create something that I find beautiful and purposeful. I learn something almost every time I paint. Through the use of its medium, layers, texture, lines, colors– art can make you feel something…and that is just so incredible to me. Art can express things that words sometimes can’t. I love that art is a language understood by people of any age and from anywhere in the world. Read more>>

Tiara BriAnn | Media Personality & Blogger

Being a Media Personality allows me to connect with people all over the world. I love what I do, because I am able to express myself in my most raw form. I am simply just being me. What I love most about it most is touching the lives that so happened to scroll on my post and/or watch my videos. Being the source of inspiration, a good laugh or advice makes me feel good and it is very fulfilling when I get that type of feedback. Read more>>

Broderick Bozeman | Designer

I love what I do, because It allows me to have a creative outlet that has no limits. I created “Kreative Dimensions” to be used as a safe space for me and my ideas. A place where i get to use any and all things as inspiration to somehow form my on iterations of designs. Each and every day I see something that sparks a new idea, and that alone is satisfying enough. Whether I’m designing something for myself and others, once that project is complete there’s a feeling of accomplishment that can’t be matched. Read more>>

Nicholas Cousar | CEO, Creative Director & Artist

As a CEO and creative director of multimedia production company, “NeverMind Creating,” I want to go on record to say that I love what I do! It is refueling to use my God-given talents to create and produce my music, take pictures, and create video content, not only for myself but most of all to help others. I love helping my family, friends, and clients bring their creativity and vision to life. My parents and mentors have always told me that when you do what you love and love what you do it doesn’t feel like work or a job, it becomes your passion. It brings me happiness to be able to pursue my passion and the mission of NeverMindCreating which is to create a driving force that will assist people in fulfilling their destiny. Read more>>

Kayla Stewart | Elysian Studio Owner

I feel like this answer can not be answered with just one reason or one detail. Why do I love making people feel great about themselves and the way they look? Simply because it changes everything. When a person feels good about the way they look, their ora just glows. The first glance at their new hair and it’s always a special moment when you see the excitement all over them! That has to be the best part! Read more>>

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