One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Carrie McKinnon | Entrepreneur & Cycle Awareness Activist

28ish has a core mission of helping women from menarche to menopause create self- awareness and draw power from their menstrual cycle. We are taught that our cycles are our periods, however, 28ish promotes the idea that women are cyclical in nature, have a changing hormonal landscape all month, and that once a woman learns about her cycle she can begin to work with it and draw power from her cycle, every day. Read more>>

Monique Cartwright | Curve Model

As a plus-size model, my impact on the community of all ages is huge for me. Body image and self-acceptance is of major importance for me. I reflect back on my own lifelong struggles with self-love and body image and how it depressed me for years. If I can reach just one young woman or man and assist them to learn to love and accept who they are no matter what – I have done my job. In these days of social media, its easy to get distracted and caught up in a cookie-cutter body image that is not realistic. My confidence comes from within and not from any computer program and I want to teach the younger generations and even some of my own that we have young ones watching us and we have to teach them to do better and love the skin they are in. Read more>>

LISA ENGLE | Certified Health Coach and Managing Partner of a Chiropractic Clinic

As I’ve accepted my responsibility for my health and happiness, I’ve been able to empower and inspire others to do the same. Less by “telling” and far more by being an example and creating a safe space for people to explore what those experiences even could look like for them, We are all unique individuals with varying needs, values, and priorities. As we become more intimately aware of our wants and needs and accept responsibility for our health and well-being, we can more effectively and efficiently make choices to support healthy expression. As our healthy choices increase, aligned to OUR version of what health and well-being look like, so does our confidence and competence to move towards health rather than dis-ease…thus leading to disease. It has been a joy and honor to have created a space that people can safely learn to express healthier versions of themselves. Read more>>

Chi Ilochi | CEO of Styling By Chi

I believe one of our many purposes as business owners and creatives is to give back to the very thing that helped get us to where we are now. My company StylingByChi provides Image Consulting and Fashion Styling services to your favorite model // actor/actress. We’ve decided to take things a step further, by providing those services for free to those who are mentally / physically ill, autistic and homeless. My company helps the community by restoring hope to those who may feel forgotten or left behind. It’s important that everyone has the privilege of feeling and looking their best no matter what cards life dealt them. Read more>>

Rachael Turner | Brand Architect & Creator

My business helps the community by increasing profits and amplifying the voice of businesses that are making change in the world and creating opportunities for others. The services provided by Rosemint Media allow for visionaries and those in position to impact millions and employ thousands grow their brand and elevate their visibility. We train startups on the importance of marketing and branding and increase the reach of those businesses that already have an established brand. Read more>>

Devika Brij | Founder, Brij The Gap Consulting & BrandU

Brij the Gap Consulting partners with organizations focused on advancing, empowering and retaining underrepresented minority employees and turning them into the future leaders. Some of my clients have included Facebook, Reddit, Converse, etc. My own challenging experiences in the corporate environment influenced my decision to step away from my career as a Sales leader in large tech companies (LinkedIn, Google, etc) and focus on advancing my community instead. I created Brij the Gap Consulting in 2019 and have helped thousand of BIPOC individuals attain their dream careers and economic opportunity. I’m grateful for 2020 despite how heartbreaking and exhausting it was (has been and still is) discussing social and racial injustices and its impact to BIPOC individuals in their careers. At the height of these conversations, companies finally started to realize the huge gap and specific challenges underrepresented minorities face daily, especially the Black community. Read more>>

Gabe Torres | Contemporary Painter

I think my work is an example of not letting your past and present define you; you can be who/what you want to be. Although I am African American and female and proud, I use this platform to vocalize that you do not have to be compartmentalized. Blur the lines. I identify as a person and an artist, before anything, a person that encompasses a mother and a woman of color, yet I prefer not to let these classifications be my identity. For my women out there, moms, and people of color, this message needs to be reiterated. We are more than that our past that confines us. My community needs to see and hear this; the world does as well. This message and way of life is not limited to these classifications stated above; no matter who you are and where you come from, you are you alone; you have the power to surpass labels yet be inclusive of them—breaking down these constructs is the key to moving forward in life. My business is a symbol of my mindset. Read more>>

Ebony Porter-Ike | President & CEO of The EpiMediaGroup, LLC

The epiMediaGroup, LLC objective is to help small businesses execute on their passion and dreams. For many years I have worked with big businesses and increased their revenue. To be able to help small or emerging businesses obtain major success is our purpose. We see ourselves as servants in this industry. We are here to simply help and exemplify our clients goals. Read more>>

Perisaa Tenai | Artist, Executive Producer

PlayWriters Music Group was created to be an open arm, one stop shop for artist , songwriters , producers , models and other creative spirits . PlayWriters is offered as a safe company for woman and children to feel comfortable while. Read more>>

Drew Ashby | Trial Lawyer

We have the honor of meeting people at the lowest times in their lives, walking alongside them as they heal and grow, and doing everything we can to make sure that their suffering counts; that it makes a difference. One of the unique ways we get to do this in our cases involving defective products. These products range from anything you can buy at a store, all the way up to vehicles of any kind (cars, trucks, tractor-trailers, aircraft, watercraft, etc.). We get involved in a case when something isn’t right and someone was seriously injured as a result. Sometimes people have a sense of what happened, but it’s often a mystery that we have to solve. Between the skills that we have honed for over a decade, and the best experts in the county, we work as a team to figure out what happened, why it happened, and how it could have been prevented. What we find is often staggering. Read more>>