Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Alexsius Blanks | Natural Hairstylist/Braider

I think about risk in a way of levels or walls blocking where I would like to be , if I really would like to be where I am destined to I have to knocked down this challenge or wall . Risk taking is a minor as a full time mom and and entrepreneur . Risk to try new ways to find balance within my role As a mother and not giving up on my dreams ! One risk I have taken is working with my children, with the pandemic at hand and many other challenges . Arisk that will help me learn patients and value . Read more>>

Genail (aka “Genny Mack”) McKinley | Holistic Nutritionist and Fitness Coach

I’ve learned later in life that taking risks has allowed me to move daily with confidence and resiliency. I’ve always been a “risk taker” and risk assessor within my career. I started my career as an Accountant/Auditor in 2009, straight out of college, working for the largest accounting firm in the world, and I was promised career growth and financial security. I did experience just that by taking risks and accepting new projects outside of my comfort zone. In 2014, I packed two suitcases and relocated to London for 2.5 years. In 2018, I made it off to India for 3 months. These were magical experiences where I took risks to progress in my career and see the world from a different lens. Read more>>

Libra Hicks | Mother, Philanthropist, Sneaker Designer, Podcast Host, Health and Wellness Coach

Risks created a broader thought pattern to my approach at business! Risks taught me how to move and what to look for in order for me and my business to grow! Read more>>

Shaded by milli | Hairstylist/salon owner

What comes in mind when I think about risk. some common things that most new entrepreneurs has experienced impostor syndrome. Worry,doubt,& having the willingness to learn things that you’ve never learned before or being exposed to. Read more>>

Kimberly Summerlin | Hair Stylist

Taking a risk is essential when you want to stretch yourself and grow your business. As we grow, we are trained to do things a certain way. This routine will sustain us of course, but it is only when you step out of your comfort zone that you start to reach your full potential and go to the next level. If I hadn’t taken the necessary risks in my business, I believe I’d still be working in a salon instead of owning one. Read more>>

Altonio Howard | Photographer : Toochillshots

What do I think about risk and what role has risk taking played in my life/ career? I love taking risk honestly. I feel like taking risk builds character and plot development in your overall life. You don’t know all what you can do until you bring uncertainty in life. In my career and life risk taking had played a giant roll. Me jumping off the porch as far as saying I don’t want to have a job and all I want to do is create was a risk. Being a creative is a risk honestly because you’re the most liked but the most disrespected. It’s not for the weak but I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Read more>>

Amber Threatt | Entrepreneur

I think risk is all about not being afraid to make that first step. It takes a lot to start a business from scratch. It’s much harder than it looks, especially when you’re looking at it from social media standpoint. Social media makes things look like everything is always put together when that’s not the case. Somethings aren’t put together now, but that’s apart of taking risks. Not being afraid of other peoples opinions and not being afraid to just start. The biggest role that taking risks has played in my business is starting a business in a saturated market. I am in the market of a business that is the same as a billion other businesses. I took a risk by becoming the billionth and one business. Read more>>

Christina Garrand | Spirit Connection,Yoga, Meditation, Sound, and Energy Healer

I believe that risk is as inevitable as change in life. It is our ability to move gracefully and skillfully through risk and change that makes all the difference. I would say that the first pivotal risk I took in my life was when I moved out of my Dads house at 16. I began to really explore a state of independence; although my parents style of raising children gave me great independence even before I set out on my own. So here, I began to explore risk and how choices I made would affect my life. I made a lot of bad choices! From those choices I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Read more>>

Karnagebeats | Rapper/Super Producer

It’s been a huge role in my career, I’ve invested money and gotten scammed, I’ve been lied to, cheated, all that. But it comes with the game and you gotta always remember one thing, Regardless of the outcome of any situation, YOU HAVE TO TRUST THE PROCESS & LEARN from your mistakes instead of DWELLING on them. Read more>>

Turo Jones | Celebrity photographer & Master Barber

Growing up in a small town in Virginia (Buckingham County) life there is a gamble. When I left a ventured out and started networking and putting myself in position so that I can succeed and grow my business so that I can get to the next level. I’m just playing the cards that’s being dealt to me and I say that to say I’m a entrepreneur that’s self maid from the ground up I got my hustle from my grandfather and my dad at a young age I saw what it took to grind to get what you want in life and ain’t nothing handed to you. So I took a risk at the age of 17 yrs old that changed my life and molded me into the person I am now 31 yrs old self maid entrepreneur (Celebrity Photographer/Master Barber) Read more>>

Khalil Robinson | Entrepreneur / Artist

Before I started my own business, I was I was working a job living paycheck to paycheck. I was working hours a day and not even liking what I was doing. One day I sat down and thought this doesn’t make any sense. I knew I had to take risks and bring some of my creative ideas to life. I knew I was good with my hands and writing. I started my own tv install business as well as starting writing and recording the songs I would write. That was a little over a year ago and I have elevated so much past that point. If I hadn’t of taken the risk to step outside of my average day to day I wouldn’t be living on edge as I do now. My life wouldn’t feel as purposeful and filled with things I love to do. I am now 1 year into my business and working on my second EP to be released this October. If you don’t take risks you will face the consequences of living a mediocre or unfulfilling life. Read more>>

Just KendraKay | Publicist, Writer & Host

Taking risk has driven my career and life. After my second grandmother passed away, I took the risk of moving to Atlanta from Tampa. I had gas in my truck and a dream. Same day my car was stolen at gun point from me. So I took the risk and stayed in Atlanta, to pursue Music Public Relations. From that point on it was up from there. Risks fueled every investment and opportunity to where I am now. Without taking risk, I would still be at Chase Bank. Taking risk is basically having faith in yourself that the reward is worth the risk. Read more>>

Mariela Perez Calderon | Business Owner, Content Creator, Actor

I always knew risk was a big part of becoming and entrepreneur, but is not something that ever scared me. The way I see it, you can take the risk and maybe be successful or fail. At the end of the day you may find fulfillment or have to simple start over from zero. I rather not risk not knowing what could’ve been if I never took the leap. Read more>>

Ayesha Ward| Ward | Kid Braider & Full-time Mom

With risk taking I believe some risk are worth taking if you believe in where your going! If your scared and not too sure the risk you take will always be the wrong one. For me I believe in myself, I believe in where I have already come from and where I am now destined to go. I once was the scared to take a risk on myself and that is why I’m so upset with myself because if I had started way back then; I’d already be ahead of where I’m aiming to be. Needless to say nothing is quite possible if you don’t take that risk we all have to start somewhere. Why not risk it atleast you won’t be able too say you wish you HAD. Read more>>

Rev. Dawn | Officiant & Premarital Counselor

When I think about risk, I think about potential for growth, impact, and excitement. Interestingly, my perspective on risk has become a lot more intentional in the last few years, as, in addition to my ministry, I serve as a career coach guiding established professionals to navigate tremendous shifts. Individuals like Tim Ferriss have helped me consciously focus more on the potential benefits of a major choice, then on the potential risk, or on what I might leave behind. Read more>>

Valentin Nikitin | Portrait Photographer

Taking a risk used to be scary but now at the age of 24 it’s one of my strengths. The artist in me is alive and I want to share my talent with the community. In my life taking a risk is not fearing the outcome but letting it transform into something exciting. Every decision I have made, good or bad has taught me lessons and provided experience to make my best move. In my photography career specifically my first big risk was stepping back from my day to day life and making a plan of commitment to move forward in a dream I wanted to pursue. Read more>>

Ricky Vintage | Rap Artist

Risks has played a big part of my life as I come from a council estate background therefore every day we was taking risks that could of put us in prison, hospital or worst therefore taking risks is something I believe I need to evaluate a lot better as a grown man. Read more>>

Kenrick Headley Jr. | Graphic Designer & Imprinter

Risk taking has definitely played a significant role in my life/career as the very move to start my business was a huge gamble/risk in itself. Moving to Georgia in 2017 from the Virgin Islands after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated our islands, the decision to relocate and start all over was definitely a risk that I was initially hesitant to take as I was leaving my support system, my wife and son, family & friends behind to navigate new waters. Read more>>

Myriah Nonay | Knotless Braid Educator

Risk has played a big role in where I am today. I graduated from Morgan State University in 2011 with a degree in Elementary Education. I then taught in Baltimore City for 7 years. The last few years of teaching I really had to push myself because I was feeling defeated. The feeling of never really being done was a bit overwhelming to me. A teacher’s job is NEVER finished. I contemplated year after year leaving but I could never build up the courage to actually leave. In 2017, I took the biggest risk I have ever had to take thus far. Read more>>

Dari Arrington | Athletic Creative Specialist

When it comes to risk, it’s actually one of my favorite things. It brings a sense of meaning in a way. Taking risk has always been my foundation of success along with me knowing exactly what I want in life. Taking risk has open up many doors for me and the communities I’ve gotten to impact. Without me taking the risk on my career pursuits there will be no true me. I wouldn’t be able to deliver the development to the youth and or the many dreams/goals I have set out for myself. Always bet on yourself. For me, the two most important things you can do in life is taking care of your mental health and betting on yourself, As I always say do what you never done to get what you never had. Read more>>