Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Tynesia Carter | Pro Makeup Artist

I pursued an artistic and creative career because I’ve always been someone who values art and what it represents for a lot of people. I’ve always found it easier to express myself through various forms of art whether it’s drawing, coloring, painting and even dancing. I wanted to make sure I had a career doing something that will allow me to showcase who I am as an artist and as a person while still doing something that I love. Being a makeup artist allows me to showcase not only my creativity and the beauty of makeup but also the beauty of people. Read more>>

Dinahsta “Miss Kiane” Thomas | Poet, Author and Safe Space Facilitator

Not to sound super cheesy but a “creative career” probably chose me. Like many kids, I wanted to be a STAR and dreamed of being friends with my favorite performer, Diana Ross (I’m aging myself a bit aren’t I?). I danced and sang around with a towel on my head for the long hair effect, but I was more than just creative, I was imaginative too. EVERYTHING was a scene in a possible movie, the beginnings of a potential short story or a look that was going to stop them dead in there tracks. Although I was (and still can be) extremely shy, there was something about the arts that spoke to me in a way that was quite magnetic, exhilarating, and frightening at the same time – kind of like love…lol. Read more>>

Cameron Steel | Model & Photographer

A strong sports enthusiast I began to notice differences in fashion worn by my favorites athletes and began to notice public interest in their wardrobe. This got me thinking about how my own passion for sports and fashion could be expressed in my modeling career. With that in mind, I began taking modeling classes. Read more>>

Taylor Link | Singer-Songwriter

I was raised in a musical family. My mother is a professional-level singer, my brother is a guitarist, and my grandfather was passionate about performing crooner classics on cruise ship karaoke… When the time came to go to college and choose a career path, pursuing singing felt like the natural choice. Read more>>

Leonardo Smith | Anime and Video Game Shoe Artist

I’ve always been invested in art, even at an early age. Art is, and always will be, a route for me to express creative thoughts onto a medium for others to enjoy. I pursued shoe art because I’m a huge fan of owning something unique, that no one else can call as their own. So it only made sense for me be able to help and elevate that thought. My art career is far from over, but I’m truly enjoying the journey of all the aspects the art world has to offer. Read more>>

Audrey | A Creative

Funnily enough pursuing an artistic career wasn’t my first option. There was always that stigma of being a starving artist and that was something I just did not want to be or go through. I knew I needed something that I liked that would also make me a lot of money, but I started to quickly realize that there was always something pulling me towards having an artistic career. That thing was freedom. I always wanted to feel like I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted however I wanted whenever I wanted and art was that way of having it just like that. Having an artistic career allows me the freedom to create however I please and to create what I see fit in this world.  Read more>>

Fatimah Sansar | Digital content creator and entrepreneur

Creativity and art is larger than life and that understanding in itself is power. For someone who dreams to live an intentional and impactful life it’s a no brainer this is the route I chose to go. even though I have my first degree in “Mass-Communication” I was never going to work behind a desk. To create, to bring visions to life, with no time limit is magical and only that appeals to the younger version of me and still is. Read more>>

TJ Hill | Graphic Designer & Creative Director

Since a child, I have always been a creator and interested in art. I started off sketching various things like automobiles, famous logos, and people. As a teen, I even drew a mural of the Spurs logo on my bedroom wall. In High School, art was always an elective for me, so you can say my passion for creating and designing grew from there. I graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Graphic Design. Becoming a Graphic Designer allowed me to showcase my art skills as an entrepreneur in various ways. I have designed logos and marketing materials for different brands and businesses. Read more>>

Ariana Rodriguez | Baker/ Cake Enthusiast

Baking has always been therapy for me. It’s something I know I’ll love for the rest of my life. As long as I’m doing what makes me happy, it won’t seem like work. Read more>>

Shannay Arias | Jewelry Artist

I pursue an artistic/creative career because it’s a form of expression from my perspective. Art is definitely subjective yet, it has such a complex approach to self expression that even people who may not be consciously entuned as someone who pursues it, they are surrounded by it. It exists in all forms of life from the colors of the plants to the patterns and build of animals. The architectural designs of homes, furniture, and vehicles. We are art. Read more>>

LlaiNie B | Seamstress and Creative designer

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a creative mind. I’ve always drawn pictures or doodled all over my books or on pieces of paper laying around. I never wanted the same things as everyone else. I’ve always tried to alter or decorate my clothes or accessories just to differentiate my things from others. It was a natural direction to go towards. I’m the same way til this very day. Creating my own things, starting my own trends. I love having things nobody else does. Read more>>