Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places. Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Diana Alford | Portrait Photographer

I was born and raised in Mexico city. I love the diversity and the culture of my country so much. With endless cultural events, historical sites, cuisine, traditions and so many places to explore, Mexico City was the perfect place for me to grow up in. Read more>>

Jenn Carroll | Photographer and Author

When I was born, both of my parents were active musicians in the nightlife circuit of Miami’s hottest bands. I grew up encompassed with music, culture and the arts. However, when I was four, my parents divorced and everything changed. We moved from a bustling city to a rural area of cow pastures. Read more>>

Gabriela Abbondanza | Artist

I was born in Peru, and moved the the states with my family when I was six years old. Although moving at a young age to a completely different place, with a new language and culture was at times difficult, I have grown to deeply appreciate how it has allowed me to see the world through a unique perspective. Read more>>

Andrea Sanders | REALTOR®

I was born and raised in Bessemer Alabama, a small town outside of Birmingham. Fun fact, Bessemer was initially going to be named Brooklyn. As a child, learning that fact resonates with me now, there is a saying that if you can make in New York, you can make it anywhere. Read more>>

Brandon Isaiah | Recording Artist, DJ & Software Developer

I was born and raised in the REAL 706: Augusta, GA (and don’t let anybody tell you differently). I moved to Atlanta in April of 2021 and I can honestly say that how I was raised heavily molded me to be able to navigate the bigger city and truly find myself even more. Read more>>

Taythoo | Entrepreneur

I’m from Philadelphia. I couldn’t imagine being from anywhere else. Unfortunately, there’s so much violence and negativity that takes away from the greatness of my city. However, Philly is a great place to be from. Think about all the greats that come out of the city. They all have a certain attitude, work ethic, and hunger. That’s because growing up in Philadelphia is not easy. Read more>>

Kori Tafoya | Restaurant & Retail Shop Entrepreneur

Native to Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Attended University and I worked in the restaurant industry through college and even shortly thereafter. Read more>>

Kasey Prince | Your Walton County Realtor

As a Walton County Native; it is important to me and The Prince Group that we Live Where We Give. We Live, Work, & Play in Walton County. We know the area well, other local agents, and they know us! We are not just your area Experts – We are Your Neighbors! We Love & Support our Community! We are highly involved with local events in Monroe and surrounding areas of Walton county. Read more>>

Denah Phillip | Hair Stylist, Entrepreneur, Chef, & Content Creator

I’m from Broward County, Florida. Both of my parents are from the Caribbean. Being from a large family (I am one of 15 children), I learned early on that my present state was not my true reality. My mom was a single parent. She made a lot of sacrifices so that my siblings and I could have a better life. Read more>>

Thamsanqa Ndlovu | Entrepreneur

I am from Zimbabwe, and grew up in the city of Bulawayo. My roots have had a surprisingly profound role in shaping who I have become not only as a business professional leader, but also in my personal relationships. Read more>>

Antoine Washington | Fashion Designer & Creative Director

I was born in Ann Arbor, MI where I was mostly raised. Growing up I’ve always been exposed to different cultures and backgrounds which has been a major part of my life to this day. I lived in a Jewish Community during my middle school years. During 6th-8th grade I lived in Brighton, a town located upstate Rochester, NY. Read more>>

Zephaniah Kouakou | Brand Stylist & Marketing Coach

I am originally from Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised on Lincoln Place. By the time I was 7 years old is when me and my mother moved out of my grandmother house. From the ages of 8-10 is where me and my mother stayed in the shelter until we later moved to Queens where I spent the rest pre-teen/ teenage years. Read more>>

Charlie Pierre-Louis | Motivational Speaker and Owner of Self Hate Survivor

I was born in St. Marc Haiti. During this time most Haitians were living off a few dollars a day. My parents struggled to survive. What many people don’t know is that Haiti was once the wealthiest place in the Western Hemisphere, they were punished for becoming the first black freed nation. Read more>>

Joy Kendrick | Chef, Artist, Entrepreneur, and comedic writer

Im from Miami FL. Growing up in Miami exposed me to so much culturally. From the music and food even the way I speak. Being raised around so many different cultures taught me to be understanding observant and open and trying new things i.e. food travel Read more>>

Olivia Vogel | Press on Nail Business Owner & Artist

I am originally from a small town in Western Nebraska. Being from a small town, my sisters and I tended to get bored easily. If we weren’t riding our bikes around town or going to practice, we were being creative. Read more>>

Saleana Henry | Loctician

I’m from South Jamaica Queens. I grew up with the mindset of if you do something you love you won’t work a day in your life… so with that in mind I found what I loved… And I hit the ground running. Read more>>

Deirdre Cuneo | Travel Advisor and Content Creator

I was born and raised in Woodbridge, Va. My upbringing had a major impact on who I am today. I was raised in a home where fighting, alcoholism and drugs were the “norm” As a result, I suffered with PTSD and depression. Read more>>

Zacoree Williams | Artist

Hey, im from the Bay Area San Francisco to be exact. Growing up there which is a fast paced environment helped me to be able to make quick decisions and also helped me to be able to trust my intuition more. Read more>>

Megan-Claire Chase | Writer & Patient Advocate

I am originally from Davenport, IA but was raised in Macon, GA after my parents’ divorce when I was two years old. As I look back on growing up in Macon, there were quite a few experiences that shaped me as a child and teen. Read more>>

Dr, Akilah Bradford | CEO of The HR DOC Consulting, LLC

I grew up on the South Side of Chicago with a blue collar family. My parents worked for the Chicago Fire Department and US Postal Service, my Aunts worked for the Chicago Police Department and Department of Aviation so I have been surrounded by worker bees. Everyone worked a lot of hours and put in years of sweat and tears. Read more>>

Chris Too Much | Stand Up Comedian/ Entertainer

My name is Chris Carner, stage name is Chris Too Much. Born & raised in Cleveland OH in a family where laughter was key growing up. Stand Comedy made a huge impact on my life when I was younger being exposed to greats such as Steve Harvey, Monique, BET’s Comicview &Def Jam as young as 8 years old and just being inspired. Bernie Mac is the one who put a fire under me to pick up a mic when I first saw him in the Kings of Comedy. Read more>>