Through our work we have had the good fortune of seeing firsthand how success comes in every shape, size, color, faith, and orientation. More importantly we’ve learned that success is often the result of people embracing their unique backgrounds and so we’ve asked the community to tell us about their background and how it has impacted where they are today.

Keelay Carter | CEO/Founder of The Keelay Carter Experience

I believe that my background and my upbringing is what pushes me to strive for more and to keep going despite…. I grew up in Washington, DC with my grandparents to begin with until the age of 7. Both of my parents suffered from addiction HOWEVER my mom is a true warrior, she has a strong testimony of what God can do when he truly has a calling on your life and for me, that’s one of the biggest impacts on who I am today. My family has lost so much, we’ve experienced so much hurt and pain that I didn’t think I would make it out let alone all of us still being here for one another and being able to exert the joy that we have, being able to share our purpose with the world in our own way. Read more>>

Zion Moore | Singer, Dancer & Actor

I’m from Atlanta Georgia. I come from a family of talented people who are natural singers, dancers and musicians. So entertaining is in my DNA. Read more>>

Caprece Thomas | Lit Squad Apparel Founder

I’m from Saint Petersburg, Florida, born and raised! If you’ve never heard of it, it’s around 30 minutes from Tampa but please don’t call us Tampa we’re our own person 🙂 . I love where I’m from though, I always say that being from Saint Pete made me into the woman I am today. The community that I’m from was predominantly African-American, and I saw people from all walks of life. I honestly didn’t realize until college how much being from Saint Pete prepared me for the real world. It not only gave me a hustlers’ mentality, but it also ignited a spark in me wanting to see black people succeed past what society deems as our norm. Now that I’m older, I also know that my parents are definitely the reason I’m so passionate about the things I am today. Read more>>

Tierra Long | Business Owner

I was born in Salisbury, North Carolina. Salisbury is a small town in North Carolina most people call “Old People’s Town”. There is fairly few opportunity here especially for people looking to do more than what society offers. Living in Salisbury, North Carolina gave me two options. I can either settle or I can chase my dreams. It has definitely taught me to be humble! No matter how successful I become I always remember where I came from. Read more>>

Dr. DeLon Canterbury | Your Personal Pharmacist | Consultant Pharmacist | Senior Care Pharmacist

I am a pharmacist committed to treating our patients as if they are my family. I grew up in Powder Springs, GA as the first born child of immigrant parents from Guyana, South America. Nothing inspires me more than hearing the stories about my patients’ cherished memories, life lessons, and gaining from the wisdom of so many high-spirited, and almost unconquerable elderly patients. What brought me to pharmacy stemmed from my Guyanese family roots, where every illness was treated by something natural and plant based. My mom was notorious for boiling all types of herbs and bitters to help “cleanse the blood” for myself along with my younger siblings, who grimaced at the fact that it was that time of year again. Read more>>

Lisa Fey | Humorist and Business Communication Authority

I am from a small town of 800 in North Carolina, and I always worked. It started by working on the farm, then fast food and then numerous jobs throughout college. (My college friends used to say I had a Daytimer organizer before they were ‘the thing’ so I could keep my class, work and study schedules straight). Not coming from a place of privilege meant I had to work for everything and earn my opportunities. It also taught me to ask for the things I wanted. I talked my way into a job with NBC Sports while in college. I talked my way into getting an on campus interview with The Coca-Cola Company and that led to a 30 year career. People can always say no, but they can’t say yes unless you ask them. Read more>>

O’Neill Williams | TV and Radio show Host

Atlanta born, bred and educated. Refused corporate transfers and promotions because it separated my children from their grandparents who were local and them from my children. The Family is what matters, not corporate success. Refused first promotion to corporate management when 22 years old then deflected similar promotions repeatedly to Charlotte, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Tampa, Chicago and Knoxvilleetc. I always thought it was a greater challenge to progress and maintain growth and success locally and personally instead of moving my family across the country. Read more>>