Through our work we have had the good fortune of seeing firsthand how success comes in every shape, size, color, faith, and orientation. More importantly we’ve learned that success is often the result of people embracing their unique backgrounds and so we’ve asked the community to tell us about their background and how it has impacted where they are today.

Hans Rueffert | Chef, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

I was raised above my family’s restaurant in downtown Jasper, GA. The Woodbridge Inn was an old railroad hotel & restaurant established in 1880 and has served as one of the community’s keystone businesses ever since. Living 13 steps above one of the region’s landmark restaurants meant that our entire lives revolved around the ebb and flow of the community and the guests; our happiness came with the deep, satisfying reward of making sure our guests were well taken care of. We hosted and were a part of birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, engagements, wakes, political events, religious services, and more. Read more>>

Robert T. Hampton | Artist & Creative Director

I was born in Charlotte, NC. I was always back and forward from my hometown and Kingsland, GA; where the other half of my family lives. My upbringing impacted me in ways I’ll forever be thankful for life. I realized at a young age that I’m blessed with the family I have. I have a roof over my head and amazing support system. I always had food and clothes on my back, beyond appreciative. I am blessed and that impacts me the most these days. Read more>>

Latesha Whittaker | Writer & Suntian Qween Ambassordor

I was born in Southwest Florida. I’m a first-generation American, or Yanksta as my people would say. My mother migrated to the states from Jamaica. She started off in the Bronx, New York and eventually found her way to Florida to reunite with her twin sister. Years later, my father came to the states, and TADA, you have me. Even though I came up in Naples, Florida, which is a beautiful piece of paradise right off the Gulf of Mexico and where some of the top elites resided, I didn’t necessarily have the same lap of luxuries as the elites much less the kids on my block. Read more>>

DeUndrae “Dj CutD” Harmon | Professional Celebrity Dj / Tour Dj

Texas born and raised currently living in Tennessee just a kid from a small town called “De Kalb Tx” 903 STAND UP!!! I first got my spotlight from our home radio station “KZRB” 103.5 shoutout to the staff at the station including “Dj IcyD” for giving me a chance he created a “Freestyle Saturday” every Saturday you could go live on the air and 30sec freestyle no cursing no use of the N word ect. Well I was like 12-13 at that time calling in each and every Saturday and doing a freestyle live on air at the end of the night people could call in and vote on who they think won and best believe my tally’s where krazy compared to others iv won the most consecutive Freestyle Saturdays in a row people were starting to take notice and wondering who was this “kid sounding grown” and turning up the station every weekend Next thing u knew me along with my hometown friends where throwing parties at a storm shelter lol just allowing the buzz to grow bigger and bigger I didn’t even have a dj controller or Tables then I was using a Mouse and keyboard lol man the memories lol . As I began to get older I started noticing the money potential from these events so I started taking my craft serious once I hit 19 but started when I was 15. Read more>>