We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Latrice Wilson | Hair Braider & Loc Specialist

The main habit was making sure I place God first in my business because, without Him, I am not able to succeed. Once I got under alignment with God, He was able to direct me throughout the journey on where I needed to grow in other areas of my business. I haven’t always been successful throughout the journey, I’ve taken risks that almost broke my business but it comes with the territory. A true entrepreneur doesn’t get into business for the money or anything. They discover that there’s something missing that people aren’t receiving so they solve that problem. Through that process, they learn to become teachable because we don’t know everything. Being passionate about servicing my clients and helping them with their hair really shows throughout the appointments. The clients respect me, appreciate me, and trust me more which helps in the growth of the business. Read more>>

Thalia Tran | Actress/Performer

There is no formula for success, and this is especially true in the entertainment industry where luck is such a large factor. Although you cannot determine the outcome of your actions, you can control your outlook and behavior. Get in the habit of chasing knowledge. Find opportunities to get involved, and find ways to expand your boundaries. Never let rejection distract from your desire, and never let success stifle your drive. Read more>>

Andrea Glover | Artist, Designer and Educator

Hard work, perseverance and confidence has contributed to my success. We all have our own unique style, and it’s important that an artist/designer express that style in their work. I’ve always liked bright colors, typography and lettering. I also have enjoyed adding texture into my work. Practicing my craft and experimenting with different techniques has also helped me to succeed. Read more>>