Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Erik Gibbs-Russaw | Cinematographer

I’ve come to appreciate the time I spend with family/friends now more than ever. When I’d work a job I’d go from Monday to Saturday so I’d have one day to really spend time with my daughter but I’d be too tired to even play with her so I had to make a choice bc she was getting older. Once I was given the opportunity to create full time I had to shift mindsets bc I still wanted to be booked and busy so I was back into the same cycle of not giving my self time to not be machine driven by ambition. That led to burnout and an unhappy lifestyle thinking that I have to be everywhere and I can sleep when I die but it’s best to take care of me first. Now I’m in a better place to work at my own pace and spend that much needed time with her. I even bring her and friends to video shoots so they acquire skills that may lead to something bigger in the future Read more>>

Julie Gordon | Custom Cookie Artist

I think any small business owner would tell you that creating work life balance is a learning experience. When I first started selling cookies I was terrified to turn down any order, regardless of how booked I already was. Eventually I realized that saying “yes” to that last minute order meant saying “no” to my family. The whole reason I started my own business was to be more available to my family than I was when I was working full time outside of my home, so I knew that something had to change. I now set firm boundaries and I stick to them, regardless of how hard it is for me to turn down an order or refer it to another baker. I am so much happier now that I am still running a successful business but also taking the time to spend with my family and put them first! Read more>>

Brady Gibson | Graphic Designer , Video Editor, & Business Owner

As I began working for my self full time, there were no boundaries. I would wake up and work until I went to bed & repeat. After some time, this caused me to feel burnt out, and began affecting other aspects of my life, including home life, relationships, friends, and hobbies. After some time and commitment, I have created hours for myself that I do not go out of, with a definite separation of work time and personal time. It’s extremely important to create a work / life balance and to set boundaries for yourself, so that you don’t only get burnt out at your craft, but to be able to have time and energy to enjoy the other things in life that keep you healthy and happy. You will thank yourself in the long run. Read more>>

Angela Bush | Tax Professional, CEO of Mega Max Tax

Over the last several years my life has changed tremendously. I have found myself trying to balance work and home life and to be honest it can be challenging, but with the help of my spouse, my in-laws and my mother we make it work the best we can. I do at times have mommy guilt, but I have to keep going for my family. I used to work 9 to 5 and working on my nursing degree, to being a full-time business owner which was more demanding than expected. I stride myself on the term of “the reward is in the work”. Read more>>

Stacey Brown | Architect, Interior Designer & Graphic Designer

I have found that work life balance is the most important when it comes to productivity and happiness. In the beginning of my career my life revolved around work, I always made myself available. No matter what time of the day if I saw and email that needed my attention I responded, even on weekends. As years went by, I found that I was unhappy, burned out and didn’t have much of a personal life. What personal life it did have involved hanging out with my coworkers. Read more>>

Taimia Miller | Accessories Designer

Initially, during the beginning of building my brand, I didn’t know how to separate both life & work. It was mostly non-stop work, sleepless nights, overthinking, having zero clue how to pace myself- and failure to plan ahead. There was so much lack of desire to carve out time for self, and actually making it a priority. As a result.. I started to feel like I was stretching myself too thin. I reached a burnout phase – which not only blocked my creativity; but stagnated my overall productivity. Almost, like I was slowly losing interest. Read more>>