We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Courtney Muzac | Self- Empowerment Coach

Other than working for myself, another important decision I made was to listen to my inner voice and not allow others to mute me. Read more>>

Summer Jo | Creative; Entrepreneur (Photographer, Culinary & Event Organizer, Philanthropist)

Believing. God gives you the vision, and it is your purpose to seek and live it out. I always knew I’d be a Creative Entrepreneur and that would be my super power to heal the world. My family didn’t understand and I encountered very few people who I felt really understood ME. When you go through life feeling misunderstood it’s difficult to maintain healthy self esteem, confidence, and security but I looked at it as a super power, a gift that I had to embrace and nurture. I must admit, it was the random strangers who would approach digitally or physically me to tell me I had “a light”, that I was “destined for greatness”, or any flowers really that I needed for reassurance. I drew my first blueprint for my businesses in 5th grade and later in life I realized those puzzle pieces have been and still are falling into place. Read more>>

Stephanie Brown | Interdisciplinary Artist

Trusting and listening to my gut. All the major decisions in my life were met with great friction and straight up “No’s” from my parents and other adults in my life. When you are young I think we can easily talk ourselves out of thinking we actually might know what’s best. And honestly sometimes we don’t, but if you are willing to listen to your heart and trust your inner spiritual guidance I don’t think anyone else’s opinion matters once you are convinced on so many internal layers. Choosing to go to art school was one of the largest obstacles in my life that determined the trajectory of my future and my current network. I got accepted but had no idea how to afford it and my parents said no. I took it upon myself to prove them wrong and find the money and the rest is honestly history. Read more>>