We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Eric Canosa | Education Innovator

Mind Bubble was designed to create a relaxed and inclusive environment for students to discover joy in the learning process. At the heart of Mind Bubble is a supportive learning community that fosters caring relationships where students and volunteers connect with each other on a human level, Our approach to education challenges the test-scores-first learning mindset that often leaves both students and educators feeling devalued. Through the individualized academic support we offer, the games we play together at tutoring, and the thought-provoking small group activities that students and volunteers engage in at workshops, Mind Bubble provides a wide range of social interactions that center positive attitudes and relationships and in turn create the positive learning mindsets that are so critical to our mission. Read more>>

Sam Glover | Media Consultant

Social impact is something that is a cornerstone of business. The reason why I made it a focal point along with financial gain that, you need for a business to survive and continue to grow you have to have positive backing from the patrons and consumers that you deal with on a constant basis. What you are doing with your profits and revenue are not only looked at by your consumers that you possess now, but also by the future consumers that may not done business with you yet but still follow your daily activity. This is why it is important for me to involve the community in my business structure. The way I do that is working alongside with people who add substance to my business packages that specialize in a certain area to give the client the best product of service for their inquiry. Read more>>

Robinson Vil | Film Director and Producer

I would like to consider myself as a conscientious film director and I have always tried to tell stories that can impact someone or the world. I have written and directed films that deal with: spousal abuse (Til Death Do Us Part”, cheating (Dark Secrets) child abandonment (The Effect), child molestation (life.less) and more. I have recently directed a film entitled “Eavesdropping on the Elders” from a book written by Jim Clingman and the screenplay by his daughter Kiah Clingman and CJ Sykes. The film was selected this year at the 1st Social Justice Now Film Festival from the founders of ABFF. It’s a great film with relevant content for the black community. Read more>>

Cari Moskow | Yoga Teacher & Breast Cancer Guide

I offer yoga that inspires self-care. As a breast cancer survivor, my biggest lesson was that I learned to take time for self-care and putting my needs first. I honestly did not understand this concept before and now I realize it has to be a priority because in order for anyone to do for others, they have to make sure their cup is filled with self-care and love first. During Covid, I created an offering that I am extremely proud to share. I guide Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors during and after treatment to feel better in their mind and body. Through yoga, meditation, and self-care exercises I guide breast cancer warriors to de-stress, relieve anxiety, take back their flexibility. By supporting and guiding these women, I guide them to their inner warrior and inspire courage that reminds them that they are worth the fight. Read more>>