We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Rickie Perryman | Branding Specialist

The end goal of my career is to have a big team of like minded individuals who are ready to get to the bag. We want success for ourselves and those around us. I want a team of graphic designers and crafters working together. I plan to have my own building for graphics, crafts, apparel, accessories, and prints. The ultimate all in one. I see my brand as the next Fenty, with addons. Read more>>

Karyn Burrell | Mixologist & Legal Assistant

When I first started my business an end goal wasn’t something that I thought much about. I originally started my company because I wanted a lucrative side job. My main career is in the legal field; becoming an attorney has always been my end goal. Recently, I decided to revamp my business brand. While in the process of rebranding I realized that my end goal is to help as many people as I can and rebuild my community by simply doing what I love; crafting cocktails. It’s not about how much you make or how much you have, but its about how many people you impact and help. While growing up in a small town in southern Illinois (East Saint Louis), I witnessed just how important it is for people to reach back within their communities and pull people up with them. By the end of my career I want to be professionally known as the lawyer who made a big impact not just by practicing law, but also crafting cocktails. Read more>>

Myesha Stinson | Baker and Chef

My end goal professionally for my career is to have a intimate restaurant that serves brunch but also have tapas still food with a southern cuisine twist to it. I also want have a space where I can have my one on one cooking classes and group classes. I want to be able to record live of me cooking meal from beginning to end. Because Im a creative I would also like to have a venue space where I can accommodate all my guests needs from the space, food, dessert, music and decor. My ultimate goal it to be a one stop shop when it comes to planning events and to have a restaurant where I can constantly allow my creativity to flow through food. Read more>>

Genesiz | Artist.

By the end of my career I want to have made an impact on the culture and my generation through the power of music. I could say all the awards I’d like to receive such as the Grammy, Oscar, Emmy and Tony, etc. (which I still want don’t get me wrong) however, impact and influence through my art is what is most important to me. Fortunately, that isn’t quantified by the awards or clout, that piece is left in the heart of my fans and people that consume the music. Read more>>

Morgan Fordham Blanton, PharmD. | Pharmacist in Charge/ Co-Owner of Custom Pharmacy of North Augusta

My end goal is to have multiple pharmacy locations to allow me to expand our patient care to outside of the CSRA. I am constantly learning and have been focusing on the veterinary compounding field. Locally, I would like to be the compounding pharmacy that owners and veterinarians trust to bring all of their pets to when they need any medications. I would love to grow our company into a multi-state compounding-only pharmacy. Currently, I am a licensed pharmacist in GA and SC, and plan on becoming licensed in additional states as well as the Bahamas within the next few years. By the end of my career, I would like to be able to travel around to help other compounding pharmacies build a successful business. I want to be able to collaborate with as many other pharmacists as possible in order to ensure the best quality of care for patients and pets around the US and Bahamas. Read more>>

Jessica Smith | Author & Life Coach

I’m an Atlanta based author, a newly certified Life Coach and I’m currently majoring in Psychology; to obtain a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Mental Health. My passion has always been to advocate, inspire, counsel, support and encourage others. I desire to accomplish the plans and purpose God has for my life. My long term goal is to make a career change and transition into the Psychology field as a counselor and to continue my journey as a writer. Writing is my creative outlet and I’m currently writing a book about my story as a survivor of domestic abuse. I am driven as an advocate to give hope to many who suffer silently by sharing my story, struggles and how I fought to gain my life back. I want to touch the hearts of many and be a light of hope, especially for those who feel there isn’t any hope. Read more>>

Quintin Crumpler | Creative Director

The end goal is to have a global brand that I’m able to pass down to my children. I want to be instrumental in helping communities that don’t have the knowledge or finances to build their business and break out of the generational curse cycles. Read more>>

Crystal Frieson | Astrologist & Author

I’m really working on the legacy I leave behind. History has proven;that it just may not be your time while you’re living, so the art/the literature/the impact you leave on the world will forever speak. I want to be known for not just being an astrologer but the most trusted. In my line of business, trust with peoples inner most thoughts and feelings are so important. Read more>>

Robyn Davis Bacon | Redefined Life Coach

My end goal for Robyn Evette Life Coaching is to reach an International level where I am able to reach people from all over the world and be able to help them reach their highest and ultimate mindset. By the end of the year, I want to establish what I call 3 specialty group life coaching sessions, the 3 specialities will focus on self confidence for teens, financial growth and career transitions for single parents. Read more>>