We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Dr. Brandie Freeman | Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and Owner of Connect Pelvic Health

Individuals outside of pelvic physical therapy, whether they are potential clients considering treatment or seasoned physicians, are often unaware of the wide range of conditions we can partner with patients to resolve. For example, many postpartum people assume it is “normal” to have urinary leakage with coughing or jumping. Unfortunately, peeing your pants is even jokingly a rite of passage for new mothers. Read more>>

Mara Di Salvatore | Plant Lover and Shop Owner

The one thing about this industry that many might not be aware of is that everyone can learn to care for plants. If you really wish you could have plants in your home, but you think you’ll kill them, stop right there. Everyone can keep a plant alive! Our main goal is to make everyone a “plant person”.  Read more>>

Nykierah Sidibe | Founder and Owner of The Official Girl LLC

For some reason, social media has made people think that Entrepeauneurship is a breeze. Many people think that it’s a walk in the park. But when you first decide to start a business, you may not see money flowing in until about year 2-3. For the first few years, you may only be making back what you put in. When that is the case, you are not making any profit at all. You want to be able to make back 5x, 10x, 500x what you’re putting out and then some. Read more>>

Bianca Modo, PMP, MBA | Brand Strategist, Designer, & Human Rights Advocate

As we begin to move into a recession, people may think that now is the time to pull back on branding activities. Why? Consumers are considering every dollar they are spending. However, now is the perfect time to refresh your brand and find new ways to interact with your audience. Now is the time to focus on the long-term rewards of brand recognition and innovation. Building your know, like, and trust factor is a continuous effort. Focus on competing against your old methods and give your audience a reason to stay around for the long haul. Read more>>