We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey.  We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Mike Gambini | Executive Chef

The biggest contribution to the success we see at North End Kitchen and Bar, Is that the whole team we have bought into our vision and values. We have a strong team that helps one another out and that provide our guests with exceptional service and great guest experience. Creatively, we strive to be different but also strive to be approachable. We don’t want to be the restaurant you go to for convenience sake , we want to be a memory. and we want to be the first place people in Roswell think about when they have a special occasion. Read more>>

Destin Benai | Fashion Agency CEO / Event Planner / Model / Creative Director

In the fell clutch of circumstance, perseverance in faith is the key to my success. Many doubtful nights has driven my confidence to an all-time-low, and the lack of motivation drove me into a deep depression. Convinced myself that my passion and love for success had died, and I was willing to be complacent with this great life. However, once I reached the bottom of my mental endless pit, I began to realized that the lifter of my head created me to live abundantly and happily. Soul searching has been my biggest contributor, because it found my perseverance deep within my insecurities. Read more>>

Samantha Lee | Tooth Technician

The most important factor behind my success is consistency and to keep pushing no matter the circumstances. I encourage and support so many people I started realizing myself that if I put that same energy into myself I could really get far. When I actually started doing it everything started to work out for me. Read more>>

Takeia Johnson | Your Millenial Realtor with the Keys! Real Estate Professional

The Client Experience is the most important factor to me in my Real Estate Sucess. In most cases this is my clients first time purchasing a home and I want it to be memorable for them. If issues arise I do alot of behind the scenes work with my Lender partners, closing Team, and colleagues to ensure my clients get to the Closing table and turn the knob on the door of their Dream Home. Also, I pride myself on the built in Concierge Services I’m able to offer my clients such as: Move-In/Move- out cleaning, Lawn Maintenance, Credit Restoration and more. We do alot of Community service projects as well as Giveaway’s throughout the year. Read more>> 

Jemma Winters | Salon 0wner / Hair Artist

staying true to my authentic self ! Is a huge aspect of my business . I have an enterprise if collective artists under the same roof . Who are also true to there authentic selves . Jemini hair artistry is a “grow you “ company . Supporting , educating and giving hair artists and hair guests a safe , light , fun work environment Read more>>

Ama Gonzalez | Skin care specialist

I can summarize the success of my brand in three points: 1. I am persevering, that is, I pursue my goals and if I make a mistake I do not give up, I improved and continue 2. Determination: I trust in myself and in what I can achieve 3. I connect: this is very key, I connect with my client, they can understand their needs and I give them the best solution. Read more>>

Tyker Giselle Phillip | Caribbean-based Multi hyphenate Artist

A directing mentor told me years ago that every time I walk into a room or a space as my most authentic self, I would excel. It’s not something I didn’t know before he said it, but it was a beautiful reminder to always be me. As cliché as it may sound, my unique experiences and my intention to always add value wherever I go, has got to be the most important factor behind my success so far. Read more>>

Shandel Shand | Marketing Director & Founder of Marketing Creates

The most important factor behind my success has been my resilience, determination and courage to change my circumstances. I always say when you don’t come from much you are always grateful for the opportunity to experience and achieve more as long as you have mentors and sponsors willing to guide you in a positive direction. Environment is very important and how you treat people, because when people remember how you made them feel they’ll never hesitate to speak your name into a room you’ve never been in before Read more>>

Danielle Porter | Founder & Inspirational Catalyst

God. I have been aware of the gifts, talents, and strengths God has given me without recall or status. However, it wasn’t until I actually received His purpose for using them here in the earth that I became successful. Believe it or not, my testimony as an adoptee is a gift. Stewarding You Go Girl Leadership Institute is the purpose. Therefore, I am intentional to offer all that we steward in this brand back to Him. That is what makes it successful. Read more>>

Cara Thurman | CMT, Business Owner

Our success comes from hard work and truly caring for our clients and our employees. I believe in adding kindness to the world and meeting people where they are. People are doing the best they can and when they show up to a Wellness Center many of them are looking for help to feel better in their bodies and minds. We genuinely want to help people and are grateful for each client including the hospitals that contract with us throughout the metro Atlanta area. We are grateful that they are willing to take a chance on a small locally owned business and we go above and beyond to make sure they know they came to the right place. Read more>>

Randell Beck | Photo + Video

Story drives everything I do. I am a Simon Sinek devotee – always looking for “why”. Whether the story is a unique process, a unique product, or a unique story, my desire is to illuminate and enhance that story through photos + video. When I get the story right, it couple with the super high quality standards I set to ensure a compelling presentation that builds the customer relationship for my clients. Read more>>

Deonte’ Bolden | Filmmaker, Playwright, Award- Winning Author, CEO, Podcaster, and Playwright Strategist

The most important factor behind my success, is being able to inspire other people to go for their dreams and aspirations. I love when people come up to me or write me about how my journey has inspired them to go for their dreams and pursue their goals. I think one other factor, is being able to my pain to push me towards my purpose. Read more>>