We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Talloolah Love | Part owner of Metropolitan Studios, Dance instructor, Burlesque performer

Oh… so many thoughts about this. I was raised on the concept that art isn’t a career. You do for yours. What’s mine is mine and if you get a college degree your life will be perfect and financially sound and easier and and and and and…. One thing 2020 most especially has taught me is that all of that is nonsense. The human race needs one another to survive. A degree is just a piece of paper that amounts to nothing in the end. What you really need to know how to do is farm and bake bread. Art is the only thing that sustains us when the system stops and allows you to explore and create. Capitalism makes us a cog in a machine and takes away our autonomy to explore and have freedom of expression. Capitalism only makes you think you’re free because you have a tv and a car. Read more>>

Mitchell Tulloch | Accountant

The one piece of conventional advice that I disagree with is to build your service based business before quitting your job. I personally tried doing that for three years and it did not work for me. My clients needed me during the hours when I was at work, I could only work late evenings and weekends in my business. I lost a lot of potential clients because I was not available during the hours they needed me. There are some business you can build while working full time hours at a job. A service based business is not one of them. I knew I had to make a decision if I wanted to grow my practice and create a profitable business. I started planning and the best solution I came up with was to start saving so that I can have one year of expenses saved up to cover my household and my business. It took a lot of sacrifice, and it was well worth it. In my fourth year of not seeing much of an increase I decided to step out on faith and go full time in my accounting practice. Read more>>

Amir Ghannad | Leadership Development Specialist and Culture Transformation Catalyst

“Under-promise and over-deliver!” I believe this advice causes people to play small and refuse to make bold declarations. I believe in “Over-promise and then deliver!” I believe when we make a bold declaration, personally and professionally, and truly commit to becoming the person who is going to create the extraordinary future that we have declared, we tap into our own innate potential and find ways to develop the capabilities required to rise to the challenge. I also believe making such bold declarations inspires others around us and causes them to be the best version of themselves. Read more>>