We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Rhema Love | Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Spiritual Guide & Birthkeeper

The single most important decision that has contributed to my success is to never work for money again and to only work for purpose. I have a knowing that all of the abundance we desire whether in joy, money or peace, is in alignment with our purpose. Choosing to only work for my purpose has helped me to truly enjoy the work I do, attract abundance in many forms and bring joy to other people with ease. Read more>>

Bru Krebs | Real Estate Broker & Motivational Speaker

Learning to step outside of what I was comfortable doing.. Doing things outside the norm that other people thought was a foreign idea. Read more>>

Selai Spriggs | Special Effects Makeup Artist

One of the most important decisions that I made is taking a risk and giving special effects makeup a try. Special effects makeup was something I was always curious about doing but I never had the confidence to do it. I use to think “I cannot do that. That is too hard and I do not have any proper training for it.’ One day I woke up and I was tired of keeping all of the creative ideas to myself so I took a leap on faith, bought supplies, created something and put it out for the world to see. What I didn’t know is how well the world would love my work and encourage me to create more. Read more>>

Dee State | Views bar owner

I would say the most important decision would be surrounding myself with a team that had a backbone. Meaning it’s no yes people around me. Teamwork makes the dream work. Having the right people plays a major role. Read more>>

Blake Cooper | Forth generation piano retailer

I spent a lot of time being an observer of my life and waiting for the right situation to show up. I finally realized I needed to make a commitment to my current career and I almost immediately startled defining my life and career once I eliminated any choices. Read more>>

Gianni Ford | CEO/Owner Of Reform Alliance

That no matter what I was going into this bbuisiness to genuinely help people and not make it about money. Read more>>