We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Wendy Lechuga | Actress I Voice Artist I Performer

Unexpectedly I was granted a scholarship to study performing arts in New York City, in one month I decided to take a leap of faith and left a successful career I had in Mexico City. I was really scared to leave the opportunities I already had in Television and Theater for the unknown. Everything was against me but I promised to myself I had to make it work and build something as good as what I was leaving behind.  Read more>>

Lisa Marie Gonzalez | Nurse & Small Business Owner

To “Just Do It”. Sometimes, we want everything to be perfect or we want the perfect timing before we start a business. Yes, I’m sure there are super successful businesses that had an amazing game or maybe they went to school for business and they knew the best formula that was needed to rollout their business. But, not everybody has that and maybe you don’t always need that. I just started with what I had and did things to the best of my ability and learned so much along the way. Made many mistakes, lost money, gained money, etc. Looking back, I didn’t really LOSE anything but gained experience and learned so much that some books could never teach you. Read more>>

Dr. Orlando Wright | Founder and Chief Clinician Halcyon Clinical Services, LLC

The decision which changed my life came much earlier in life. I was about 16 years old and I got into trouble and had to do community service. It was the first and last time I got into trouble with the law. The thought of not having my freedom never appealed to me. The decision to listen to mentors and other role models changed my life. It began the day that I found the place where I completed my community service. Read more>>

Karen Patton | Chef and Owner

My mother was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 18, so in that regard, I grew up in a chosen environment of eating a certain way. I always refer to her as a “good diabetic” because she stayed focused on her diet and did her best concerning her health under the circumstances. Opening a restaurant was never a dream of mine. I developed a passion for cooking while preparing for those Sunday family dinners in the kitchen with my mother and aunts. Read more>>