We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Tabatha Strother | ordained minister, community activist, elected official, author, podcast host, action advocate

Following God’s lead was and still is the single most decision that I have and ever will make that will bring me success. Read more>>

Joseph Brake | Territory Sales Manager & Entrepreneur

Not listening to outsiders and people who aren’t here to help. Being a new business owner and more specifically starting to work for yourself you can get a lot of people telling you how you should do things and how some products should be and what you’re not doing right. Read more>>

Michael Acker | Optometrist, Optician and Network Marketer

Not quitting when the going got tough. I imagine most individuals that decide to work for themselves encounter difficult situations that affect their business, themselves and their families. Discovering ways to persevere and overcome those obstacles has ultimately brought me to place of success and created what’s unique about my business. Read more>>