We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Fernanda Noronha | Singer and Songwriter & Cultural Producer

I think that the most important decision that I made that contributed to my success was never give up and believing in my talents as an artist and promoting my work, taking advantage of opportunities that were aligned or linked to the visibility of my art and what I produced as a cultural contribution to society in general. Read more>>

Yeung Human | Drummer, Music Producer, CEO of YeungHumanRecords

Deciding that there was no back-up plan to achieving my goals, despite the odds. Adopting a perspective that made it possible and fulfilling to sustain a consistent volume of work over a long period of time has been essential. Along with this, implementing a conscious effort to systemize my artistic process in a way thats naturally conducive to me has aided tremendously in my evolution as a musician and all areas of my creative process. Read more>>

Arjenis & Aliayh Aten | Healers in Ceremony

Getting Married to one another has been the most important decision we’ve made. Not only for our business, but the business of our lives. We’ve committed to not only work on our work but to work and support each other. Our business is our baby. And the people we connect to our apart of that as well. Read more>>

Lydia & Kam Campbell | Head Chef and Food Truck Owners

Using the old skool family values My deceased father instilled in me… keeping his legacy going by serving . #SundayDinner everyday on the food truck. Now a days gathering on Sundays Serving Old Skool Meals is a thing of the past. So we make sure that Daily we serve 4 Soulful Staples…. MacAttack,Candied yams,potato Salad,greenbeans, cabbage and greens mix. Read more>>