We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Tanisha Foster | CEO & Health Educator

The best decision that I have ever made has been to reset and rest. And I do not mean a physical rest, but a resting of the mind and spirit. Not only has resting encouraged me in my faith, it has allowed me to find balance and to be a more creative individual. Rest has allowed me to take better care of myself. As a result, those connected to me have been able to experience the overflow of it as well. Read more>>

Eric Roster | Clinical Aesthetician & Male Model

Well. I would have to say just making the decision to actually initiate the first step. A lot of the time people do have high hopes, various dreams, and many goals in mind, but the fear of failing at something or starting something and potentially not liking it anymore kind of discourage one from actually stepping out of their comfort zone and taking that leap of faith. Read more>>

Gilberto Herrera | Business and Financial Expert

Learning that in order to be successful in life, you have to build strong relationships. In order to turn a contact to a contract, you need the letter R. The R in contract stands for relationships. Read more>>

Angel Kayondo | Content Creator and Entrepreneur

Deciding to always listen to my inner voice. Being a content creator and an entrepreneur, it can become so easy to listen to outside opinion or follow what everybody else is doing. Of course, doing what’s trendy or popular at the moment has really helped my business and content gain attention, but there’s always been a specific goal that I’ve kept in mind. And by doing that, I’ve kept my values in check, my image has stayed a certain way, and I stay focused on what it is I’m aiming towards. I think it’s important to always always listen to yourself above everything else. Because it can get really messy especially on the internet and in the entertainment industry. Read more>>

Marilyn Marie Dabney | Christian Counselor & Life Coach

When I decided to put my faith and trust in God. We have to understand that when we are bold enough to take risks and walk by faith, God is willing to take you the rest of the way. I do not think I would be successful without the directive and favor from God. Read more>>

Simbi Animashaun | Educator, Published Author & Mompreneur

Other than deciding to work for myself, the single most important decision that I made that contributed to my success is healing from the past and focusing on creating a brighter future. Four years ago, I decided to take a leap of faith in a number of areas of my life. I was tired of living in sorrow, depression, and misery. I had allowed ignorant people and uncontrollable situations to take power in my life. In 2018, I gave birth to my first son. I also began to seek professional counseling to overcome the hurt that I experienced from enduring recurrent miscarriages (four to be exact), a brain hemorrhage, and a failed relationship (to the man that I hoped to marry). Read more>>

Anissa Rivera | Hairstylist and wig maker

The most important decision I’ve made to contribute to my business was to start believing in myself. I knew I was capable of doing an outstanding job on my clients but I did not believe in myself. Once I started believing in myself my work started to show for itself. Read more>>

Ren Lowe | Children’s Book Author & Self Publishing Expert

The single most important decision that I made that I know has contributed to my success is to trust myself. I made a conscious decision to trust myself and to believe my skillset. Read more>>

Desiree’ Stapleton | 2x ‘30 Under 30’ Honoree and Forbes ‘Next 1000’ Nominated Master Level Coach, Author, and CEO

To keep going. I’ve faced a lot of things that I feel were meant to break me and it takes a lot to have resolve and tenacity. It takes a lot to power through situations until what you see in your mind come to fruition in reality- especially when your current reality is so different from the one that you envision. Imagine only knowing abuse, poverty, or something terrible and working to build a life that doesn’t have those things- it takes a lot to make happen. You’ve got to build yourself to become the person required to get the job done while creating a completely foreign paradigm for yourself. ALGEBRA helps you learn calculus, not English Lit.- and it’s a whole process to go from trying to use English Lit to do calculus, learning calculus the right way, DOING calculus, and then being GOOD at calculus. It’s a process. Read more>>