So many of the folks we work with have multidimensional stories. They often aren’t just working on a single project, business or mission – instead they are often involved in so many things all at once and so we often wonder about what they themselves hope their legacy will be about. We’ve shared some of their responses with you below.

Chi Osian | Videographer & Photographer

I want to be remembered for Unapologetically expressing myself through my art and my work. People will remember me for being unique because my work doesnt stand in with the crowd. I want all young black creatives to know that the world needs our art. its okay to be different and ride your own wave. i want to inspire generations to create and express themselves unapologetically and it starts with me. Im consistent, and hardworking . I am Nigerian and I’m a first generation in this country. So making a mark and name for myself is huge. Read more>>

Nia Anderson | Life/Health Coach, Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Worship Leader

My legacy is in my name, “purpose”. Nia means purpose and I want to be remembered for loving God and loving people enough to remind them of the gifts and greatness inside of them that have been hidden, suppressed, or forgotten for whatever reason. Every gift, personality, style, talent was given intentionally by the Creator and far too many are ashamed, afraid, or too uncertain to be themselves for a purpose. My legacy is that I gave people the boldness to be unapologetic and unashamed to be and live as God so fearlessly and wonderfully desires. Read more>>

Lynn Ramsey | Private Chef & Caterer

I want my legacy to be one that is said is purposeful & filled with love. That I used my business & platform to serve & help others. I want people to remember me as someone who was intentional. I created with love. I spoke with love. I moved with love. Whether a person dined with me or just simply had a conversation with me. I’d like them to be able to remember me as someone who gave it 100% and always did my best to uplift the next person. Read more>>

Samara Michelle Daise | Nonprofit & Small Business Strategist

I want to leave a legacy of service and love. I believe that we are all born with gifts and talents. Sharing those gifts and talents with each other is the unseen beauty in the world. As the founder of an Arts Nonprofit in Atlanta that serves the youth, I understand how difficult it can be trying to simply help others. I have learned skills and gained experiences that I feel mandated to share. Since my unique gift is teaching hard concepts in a very simple format, coaching and consulting was a natural progression. Read more>>

Atlanta Federation of Musicians | Local 148-462 of the American Federation of Musicians

Atlanta Federation of Musicians is here to be a strong collective voice to protect and empower professional musicians across Georgia. Our mission is to serve and protect the work of professional musicians, to foster a culture of collectivism among our members, and to use our voice to advance the interests and needs of professional musicianship and unionism within the community. Read more>>

Chef Tish Rodgers | Chef/chef Instructor / consultant

I hav even blessed to find My true calling I. Life, the legacy Inwany to lead behind is one of excellence. To truly be remembered by my dedication to my craft and The passion I could tributes to my work and my counterparts. Read more>>