We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Ashley Peck | Grammy Nominated /Multi-Platinum Producer/Engineer/Songwriter

I honestly believe people don’t understand and/or know the hard-work or business/politics that goes on behind the scenes; the late nights and early mornings, the endless amount of creativity, the paperwork, and the overall work/life balance. It’s much more to the industry than what’s presented at the surface and a lot to learn. That’s a long topic of discussion for another conversation. Read more>>

Jeremy Marc Anthony | Celebrity Chef, Musician & Photographer

My talents have led me to three different walks of life that I believe all fall under the same umbrella of Creatives. Culinary, Music and Photography, each different but each require a certain talent and creativeness. I believe the outside world doesn’t understand the process one goes through to achieve the end product. When a client sends a request, “I just need one picture” or “Can you create a menu for this price range” they don’t quite understand the process it takes to achieve their request and don’t equate it to the cost we charge as creatives. For a photography shoot, to get that “one” photograph, we have to take the time to sit, map out the concept, build the set, lighting, work with wardrobe, hair and make-up then once everything is solid and on paper, it is transferred to the real thing. You spend hours setting up, shooting and then postproduction edits and if you don’t have a team, you end up doing the majority of the process outside of hair and make-up yourself. It is the same as a private chef. Read more>>

Jennifer Hartley and Patti Mobley | Creating Handmade Bath & Body Products

Our company, Gage’s Creations Soaps & More, creates handmade bath and body products using quality, natural ingredients that you will not find in common bars of soaps where you cannot even pronounce the words of the ingredients. We have very high expectations when it comes to making products for our customers because we also use them daily for our skincare needs. We are very selective when purchasing our ingredients and only purchase from vendors we trust and know their products are high quality. When making our cold pressed soaps, we have to let the bars of soap cure for at least 4-6 weeks before allowing our customers to purchase. People are not aware of what goes into making our bath and body products and do not know that it may take longer than a week for it to be ready especially with soap. Another aspect to our business is finding the best containers for our liquid soap, body butters, and sugar scrubs as well as jars for our candles. We definitely look at the quality of the containers, where they are coming from, and also the price including shipping since this can affect the cost of our products. Read more>>

Nader Elchaar | Graphic Designer & Illustrator

In the artistic industry, I feel that outsiders are unaware of the process it takes to create a work of art. A lot of artists spend hours trying to figure out what their next project would be and how they’re going to bring their vision to life. It takes a lot of time and hard work when trying to design something new and it isn’t always easy for us. Read more>>

Nya Alli | Upcoming Fashion & Lifestyle Creator

The amount of work and time it takes to create content can be misunderstood by most individuals who don’t take part in it. One little 10-second Instagram video can take days to plan and hours to film. Lighting, set ups, editing and other tedious components go into creating content, but it’s on overall enjoyable for those who have a passion for it. Read more>>

David Park | Sound Engineer & Wedding DJ

Most people don’t understand that most DJ’s do not understand how to engineer sound and run a mixing console. Their craft focuses on the music rather than the sound. On the flip side, there are many sound engineers that do not have experience as a musician and as an artist, but rather come from an “IT” or technical background. Fortunately, my background started out as a musician, evolved to sound engineering, and now some DJing as well for weddings. Read more>>

Kimathi “KO” Olenja | Entertainment Manager

The one thing about my industry that outsiders are probably unaware of is that it’s a lot of hard work! Because my job is in the Entertainment Industry, it can look like all fun and games at times. The reality is that my staff and I put in hours of preparation and work very hard to make sure things go as planned. Don’t get me wrong, we love what we do and we do it passionately, but it takes a lot of discipline and focus to be successful at it. Read more>>