We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Barbara Gunnells | Network Marketer, Wellbeing Advocate & Physical Therapist

That it is about helping other people and building community. Read more>>

Enovia Bedford | Founder & Sponsorship Strategist

VettDeck assists event organizers and small businesses in understanding the benefits of sponsorship and partnerships, how to grow their relationships and presence, and using sponsorship as an additional stream of revenue. One thing about the sponsorship industry outsiders are unaware of is sponsorship isn’t just for celebrities, athletes, or influencers. We have so many clients that are hesitant about pitching or starting the process because they don’t think they’re big enough, have the following or don’t think they have anything to offer to brands. We’ve helped events with as little as 12 people in attendance (and nope the 12 people weren’t celebrities) and small followings secure sponsorship. Anyone with a solid data-driven plan, understanding that they have to put in the work that the deal requires can secure sponsorship from top brands. Read more>>

Blair Green | Physical Therapist, Practice Owner & Author

Most people consider physical therapy as a treatment for rehabilitation from injury. I work in the field of women’s health. My greatest joy is working with women after they give birth (weeks to years, even). I help them not only regain physical strength and prevent them from dealing with ailments such as incontinence, pelvic pressure, pain and abdominal muscle separation, but I also help them create a life where they can find balance between being a mom and continuing to enjoy their pre-child(ren) life. Women need emotional and social support and like to feel empowered and capable. So much of what I do helps them achieve these goals. Read more>>