We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Jamella Nash-Charles | Real Estate Professional and Entrepreneur

One thing about the real estate industry is that it’s definitely not a ‘fast money’ industry. Yes, this career can be very lucrative but there are so many factors and complications that can happen before getting to the closing table, closing the deal and actually getting paid. You have to pay attention to detail, know the contracts, keep in communication with all parties involved in the transaction and a whole lot more! This is definitely not a “great rich quick” career. Read more>>

Kwanza Cole | Private Chef

One thing outsiders isn’t aware of is that being a chef isn’t for the weak hearted. The thing that makes it unaware is the fact that food is made with love not just hands. Being a chef is something that comes from the soul not the hands. Read more>>

Jynxx | Owner + Creative Director

Image and visuals are important in the industry. But that’s just the surface. A major part of having a successful business is positioning yourself properly. That means identifying your unique selling proposition and how you uniquely create value for those you are looking to help. Every successful business needs to know where they fit into the market. What is it that others are doing or not doing and where you fit in in the overall picture. Read more>>

Chardonnay Johnson | Licensed Esthetician/ Master Makeup Artist

Being in the beauty industry outsiders are so unaware that BEAUTY is not one look. How underrepresented colored women/men are as well as plus size men and women. Read more>>