We asked some of the brightest folks in the community to open up to us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Geri Young | Fashion Stylist, Marketing strategist

One of the most important lesson would be that when you start your business you need to treat it like a 9 to 5 , you must have a routine to stay organized. Also don’t wait to be successful to have a team (accountant, lawyer , mentor etc) Read more>>

Jessica Rothacker | Chef/owner Heirloom Café

Flexibility. If anything is certain, it is that things will not go as planned. I am not a person that rolls with things easily, and I have had to learn to let go and figure out how to make things happen despite staffing shortages, a global pandemic, supply chain issues, nebulous unknowns, and differences in vision. It is both freeing and very nerve racking at the same time. Read more>>

Marcus Donald | Model & Actor

First and foremost is to keep God first and staying focused on what is actually in front of me and not behind me but the most important lesson in my career that has taught me was to always remain calm and to always keep moving forward no matter how hard life gets and the more hard work you put in it will definitely pay off Read more>>

Anthony Mobley Jr | CEO of the Mobley Marketing 19 Agency

This industry has taught me everything that glitters is not gold! I feel staying true to yourself allows you to dig deeper into your passion and creativity zone. Read more>>

Evangelist Sylvia Faircloth | Ordained Minister & Coach Motivational

The most important lesson that my career has taught me is to have determination. I have learned to not give up on your vision,but have a made up mind that you can succeed. Read more>>

Jahasia Dunbar | Photographer

The most important lesson my business/career has taught me is that communication is everything. Personally I would consider myself an introvert so I try to avoid all of the awkwardness, but without taking that leap of faith, i wouldn’t be in the position i’m in now. Read more>>

Nellz Too Nifty | Hip Hop MC and Producer

Not Everyone Has Your Best Interest At Heart, and To Keep Pushing When No One Else Believes Read more>>

Roy Dixon Jr. | OneNEss Sound LLC. President & DJ

Few one worded responses: Loyalty, Consistency, Timely. Read more>>

Shamara | Photographer & Future Mogul

Consistency is key. You have to be willing to show up for yourself everyday. Success does not happen overnight. Read more>>

Jeremy “Jerm” Beckelhimer | Entrepreneur/Mobile Vintage Vendor/Vocalist

Being true to yourself no matter what’s going on around you will always lead you and help shape you more into who you’re supposed to be! Read more>>