our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Brittany “B. Nicole” McCrary | Fashion Designer, Stylist & Visual Artist

I’m a strong believer in taking risks. One of my favorite motto’s would be “Risks equal rewards” . I’ve always been known as the “risk taker” of my family. When you invest your time, money and energy into anything you are taking a risk, however, it can be rewarding. I put my all into my business and brand, B. Nicole Designs, and I’ve seen it and myself grow over time. There are always risks, but the reward is greater. I am such an optimist. Even when I take a risk and fail, I still find a reward within that. The reward can sometimes be the lesson in the failure of a risk. In that lesson you may learn what to improve, how to do better or what to do the next time around. I love taking risks, my life and business would not be where it is if it wasn’t for that. If it weren’t for risks, “B. Nicole” would not exist. My faith is always bigger than my fear. Being a risk taker is both fun and rewarding. Read more>>

Elyse Archer | Founder & CEO, She Sells

Fear has always been a green light that means go for me. Being willing to take big risks and do things other people are often too afraid to do has been the thing that creates the most revenue and opportunities for me. What helps me take big risks is to remember several things: 1. Nothing is permanent. I am going to die some day, so I frame decisions using my deathbed as a context. I ask myself – “what would I be most proud that I did when I’m on my deathbed?” The right answer always shows up then. 2. I always look at the best case scenario. Our brains naturally want to look at the worst case scenario, but I’ve learned to never make decisions based on fear, and instead to always ask what the best thing is that could happen, and then hold that vision while I go for what I want. 3. Never take yourself too seriously. 4. Everything can be fixed. If I go for something and it doesn’t work out the way I thought it would, that’s only feedback to try differently next time, not failure. 5. People willing to take big risks are the ones who change the world 🙂. Read more>>

Donald Huston | Photographer

Risk is necessary, but risk is also everywhere. To repeat: -everything- is a risk! Each decision, whether it’s conservative or a greater leap is risking your money, time, or more often opportunity cost to do something else. I feel if you get familiar and comfortable with everything being a risk, it’s a lot easier to process and not experience buyer’s remorse at all levels. My big risk was moving from Cleveland to Atlanta six years ago to dive into the photo and film industries. I was lucky enough to be able to save money to commit a year and get to choose to pivot back to old work up north. Comparatively, the time prior was equivalent to coasting in a “low-risk” line of work that didn’t completely satisfy me. After marginal but promising success, I doubled down year 2 and by now it’s paid off in all parts of my business and my life. I even write this now in the middle of my own feast of work in that feast or famine work life that I find joy in. Read more>>

BRAHMIKHA ANCHALA | Actor, Podcaster, Storyteller

Parents grew up in India and took a big risk to move out of their country, life, and family to give us the world exposure. Having that as an example and considering a risk that they took for us sets a precedence to how I live my life. Risks are also all about perspectives if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs taking a risk on Apple, I would’t be writing this response on my mac or facetiming my loved ones. Pursuing a creative journey could be considered risky to many but in my perspective learning more about myself helps me to give more to other endeavors in life. Majority of people in todays world keep living an unhappy life and lose themselves, therefore, I believe that I need to take journey of life to discover myself through artistic endeavors. Risky or self discovery? you tell me. Read more>>

LaShonta Freeman | Recording Artist & Multi-Disciplinary Creative

My initial thought that comes to mind when it comes to risk taking is Anxiety. Being a person by default who like to follow plans and deadlines and things of the sort, I first had to reprogram my mind to think differently about risk taking or I wasn’t going to reach what Ive come to reach in my creative career so far. I had to drop my expectations and my attachment to the outcome and receptivity of my creations. With risk taking, none of that matters.It’s like crossing your fingers and just hoping things go well. Many of my best performance opportunities had been because I’ve taken risk on investing in services early on in my career like sonicbids and actually following up with the opportunities rather than just siting around waiting for performances to open up for me just to give a practical application. Also, the mere fact of trusting my art to even go beyond the comforts of my own mind and then go further to exposing it to the world to be judged is a risk within itself. Read more>>

Brianna Kidd | Marketing Director and Partner

When it comes to starting a business in rural Northeast Georgia, there were tons of risks involved. August of 2013 we opened our doors in Canon, Georgia with the town only populated with 833 residents. I was 27 years old, a newlywed, and a college graduate. I wanted to be successful but knew I couldn’t do it alone. So my brother and I teamed up to open a raw honey and natural body care company. We had dreams of opening a meadery, honey winery, but knew we had to establish our brand first. So bring on 100 beehives and let the product developing begin. We grew our brand and opened Southern Origin Meadery in May of 2017. We have always taken risks, but this one was by far the biggest. We waited months to make sure we were ready for our launch. We wanted every detail to be perfect. Waiting months costs money and my father was always ready to open. Read more>>

Danielle Hanson | Poet and Editor

I’m a strong believer in calculated risk. I’m a poet. I don’t think anyone in Western history has made a living just writing poetry. Some people teach; and some have grants/sponsors/patrons (in the old day) but rarely would that arrangement cover living expenses for a long period of time. Up until five years ago, I funding my art by working as a corporate marketing executive. Then I quit to write. But the risk was very calculated. I had saved money, had a spouse who could support us, and I had spent years building my resume and publication history so that I had connections and a reputation in my new field. I had spreadsheets mapping money flow for the family (with future projections), and schedules of how my time would be spent. I put together a presentation showing the pros/cons of my potential career move to each member of my family. Risk is amazingly freeing, if you’ve planned well. Read more>>

Aqua Williams | Aqua Williams | Private Chef & Entrepreneur

I try to think about taking risks in a positive way. Rather than focusing on the possibility of failure, I chose to focus on not only the possibility of success.. But being prepared after taking that risk, to do everything in my power to achieve that success. Risk taking has played a major role in my life today, from pursuing a degree despite financial hardships to relocating and starting my business from scratch.. Although it can be uncomfortable and at times scary. Risk taking has gotten me to where I am today!. Read more>>

Dr. Pamela Gurley | CEO/Author/Writer

I am of the belief that in order to succeed, you have to take risks. There is no way around it and it has certainly played a significant role in my life and career. I also think that taking risks is about betting on yourself by not only trusting your gut instinct but acting on it. I have stepped away from the comfort of a salary to work for myself, have said no to business opportunities (not all money is good money), and have said yes to opportunities that I was fearful to do but was lead to do. Again, if I am not able to bet on myself, I would not want anyone else to. So, I bet on myself ALL the time. Read more>>

Jihlanni Perez-Faust | Entertainer

I seen a quote once that said “ He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” and I wholeheartedly believe I would’ve accomplished any of the stuff I have if I wasn’t crazy enough to just take a risk and believe in myself no matter if nobody else did. Read more>>

Kristen Sudge | Photographer

I believe that taking risk is the biggest way to grow and succeed. If I never took the risk in starting my own business and investing in quality equipment, I would not be doing what I love today. Of course, I had my doubts when starting my business. I questioned if I would ever gain enough clientele, or if people would even like my work. Overcoming my fears, being confident in my abilities, and taking risks have all led me to doing what I love- creating!. Read more>>

Yong Takahashi | Author & Songwriter

I grew up in an immigrant household. On one hand, we are the biggest risk takers. We leave what we find familiar (family, language, culture, food) and travel thousands of miles to a country that we may have only read about. On the other hand, our parents drill into us that we have to follow rules – go to a prestigious university, get good grades, marry well, and carry on our pure bloodlines. At times, it is confusing and we don’t know which direction to choose. The path has not been clear to me most of my life. I tried to follow the breadcrumbs set before me but in the end I knew I was unhappy. Right before my 39th birthday, I decided to start writing. It took two years to get anything published. A decade later, I decided to quit my high paying job and write full-time. There have been times when I questioned my choice and wondered if I should go back to work. But then, I became a finalist in a novel contest. I didn’t win but the publisher offered a publishing contract. The payoff may have been longer than I ever expected but I’d do it all over again. Read more>>

Carmelita Frazier | Plus Size Model, Style Guru, Finance & Accounting Analyst

Risk- “exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance.”- Life is a risk. God wakes us up daily and we may have an agenda planned; however, we truly never know how our day is going to go right? Therefore, I apply that perspective to everything I do in both life and career. The fear of the unknown causes us to become overwhelmed, worry, and most of all HOLD US BACK. As we read daily whether it be online via the internet or social media memes, everything we want is on the other side of fear and that is TRUE. So, when someone seeks advice from me on what they should do, one of my answers will always be to just DO IT. Will you fail? Sometimes. Will you soar? Not always. But you took the chance on yourself, you learned what you could have done better, and you realized that without taking that risk you would have never know the possibilities that can come from it. Read more>>

John Gotty | Brand Marketing and Promotion

Risks are part of the process. When starting something new or rolling out a new idea, we can never know exactly how it will end. And that’s okay – maybe even the most exciting aspect. I’m a believer in taking calculated risks. Study whatever it is you’re about to enter into, have a plan, but accept there will be variables and hurdles. Figure it out as you go. Risks are scary and I’m not immune to the fear they create. I just try not to let those fears stop me from doing whatever it is I want to do. I give myself those self-talks as a reminder that I’ve been in lots of scary situations and survived. Read more>>

Melody Conner | Dream Influencer and Hospitality Genius

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles and most of them have never happened…-Mark Twain I recently decided to submit my resignation and not return to the public education platform next year. I made the decision after hearing about the unfortunate COVID related death of a coworker who just retired last summer; she hadn’t even collected her first retirement check. This made me realize how being “realistic and responsible” has kept me from the life I truly want. Putting my current path in education on an indefinite sabbatical, was what I feared doing the most; and it was what I absolutely needed to do to change the trajectory of my life. At age 52, I have a lot more years behind me than in front of me, and I’ve chosen this time to show up for myself more so than for a job that hasn’t “shown up” for me in the same way. I have been moving so far off the common path, that I have been underestimated and called crazy for even having a dream as big as God. Read more>>

King Tron | Sales & Marketing Director Certified CPR/BLS Instructor

The Bible says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony.” ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:1-2‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ I don’t look at it as “taking risks”. I look at it as “stepping out on faith”. My foundation is rooted in faith. Whatever God says in His word (Bible) I believe it and that settles it for me. I’ve been able to experience great things that a lot of people may be afraid to or don’t think they can all because of my faith. I’m where I’m at now in life and my career because of faith. Read more>>

Melody Conner | Dream Influencer and Hospitality Genius

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles and most of them have never happened…-Mark Twain I recently decided to submit my resignation and not return to the public education platform next year. I made the decision after hearing about the unfortunate COVID related death of a coworker who just retired last summer; she hadn’t even collected her first retirement check. This made me realize how being “realistic and responsible” has kept me from the life I truly want. Putting my current path in education on an indefinite sabbatical, was what I feared doing the most; and it was what I absolutely needed to do to change the trajectory of my life. At age 52, I have a lot more years behind me than in front of me, and I’ve chosen this time to show up for myself more so than for a job that hasn’t “shown up” for me in the same way. Read more>>

Miguel Carmona III | Entrepreneur

When people think of the word “risk“ many scenarios come to mind… they feel as if they are putting themselves in a bad position by risking everything because the outcome is either 100% success or 100% failure. A “risk” taken without any calculating measures will leave you open to a lot of effort without any results, by simply prioritizing the “risk” that you’re taking, not only do you eliminate the sense of failure but even if you do not fully achieve what the risk was intended for you are left in a better position than had you never taken the risk at all. When I think of risk, it involves a calculated sacrifice with the intent of either instant gratification or to set up building blocks for long-term success in an area of which you have never ventured. It is necessary to take risk to propel yourself forward in life, there’s no other way to push yourself but by taking risk. It’s not just the corner stone for entrepreneurs but anyone simply trying to put themselves in a position of exceptional status in any competitive environment. Read more>>

Omar Kinnebrew | Bespoke Clothier

Risk is an essential part of running and growing a business. However, I believe that any risk taken should be calculated. We are all familiar with the Ben Franklin quote “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”, which implies that there is no reward without risk. This is absolutely true in business whether you are in a well-defined space or charting new waters. Taking calculated risks allow you to hedge the bet on yourself through extensive research, tial and error, or by having a solid plan B. There has certainly been some risk taking in my business from bringing a pocket square holder to market all the way to venturing full time after being laid off and buying a commercial loft space. When it comes to risk for me and my business, it just has to make sense. The pieces must fit into place and the risk has to be a valuable move as it pertains to the growth of the brand. Read more>>

Danny Walls | Small Business Owner

I calculate risk very carefully and only proceed when I have the evidence that the proper research and decisions have been made. When it came to deciding to run my business full time and leave the safety and reliability of my corporate career, I planned carefully. Starting my business in 2016 I continued to work full time while learning how to grow the business and forecast its potential. By 2019 I was fully burning the candle at both ends, working my full time corporate job while still finding time to host over 70 client events for my business. Taking every PTO day, and then some, hiring part time help and sometimes doing both jobs in the same day, 2019 proved the evidence was there for the jump to full time. I had the proof that my small business was not only far more enjoyable then life in a corporate office, but it was also more profitable. The date was set and I left the cocoon of corporate safety on January 31 2020. Read more>>

Margaret Phiri | Marketing & Branding Consultant

Risks cause me to get out of my comfort zone and push me into the next level of growth. I jump headfirst into something that I find intriguing and give it my all. I have no regrets about any of the choices made in my career. Things have a wonderful way of working out. I will either chalk it up to a lesson learned or a victory. I have taken dozens of risks in my life and it continues to be an exciting adventure. Read more>>

Noëlle Cameron | Actor | Artist

I think risk taking is important in everything you do. If you aren’t willing to risk something, then are you really passionate about it? Risk taking is all I feel like I do in acting. From every audition to every decision I make. In auditions, I don’t like to play it safe. I like to make bold choices that make sense to the character and the situation present. Read more>>

Jacobi | R&B/Pop Recording Artist

I am all about taking risks when it comes to my music career. I worked as a computer programmer for 6 years, I was financially stable and “comfortable”, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So, at the end of 2016, I decided to quit that job, pack up and move across the country from Alabama to California. I had no job lined up, no place to stay, no plan, NOTHING. I just knew I wanted to pursue music full time and I wasn’t gonna let fear hold me back. If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I recently toured the country with Tyler Perry and I don’t believe that would have happened if I stayed in Alabama and was still working as a computer programmer. I wouldn’t be releasing music like I am now either. I’m now living in my purpose. I’ve had much success thus far with my career and it’s only up from here. Read more>>

Layla Boyd | Media Correspondent

Taking risks always plays a huge role in my career, the worst you can get is a no and even then, there’s always other opportunities out there and you can always say that you took that initiative to even put yourself in the position for a spot. The biggest thing to take away from taking risks is, whatever is for you will align with you, always. Read more>>

Lexi Jude | I Am a Dark Fine Art Photographer Inspired By Surrealism, Gothic-Horror, and Victoriana Based in Savannah, GA.

I think my whole decision to pursue photography was a risk-but it was one of the things I was most passionate about, so I took that chance. I could have started my photography business doing what I know would sell, like weddings or senior portraits, but I knew that I’d find clients of a similar mind if I took a chance with dark fine art. Clients want their image to tell a more profound tale, a concept that stays with you and can be picked apart. Because at the end of the day those type of images are what gives me drive to keep going and the one’s that made me want to start creating photographs in the first place. Read more>>

Alfred Vines | Actor & Spoken Word Artist

I grew up in a very controlled environment. My parents did everything in their power to make sure I was safe and that I had stability. Part of them providing that stability for me meant they didn’t take a lot of risks. Everything was right in the pocket and very well contained. While I do appreciate the safety and comfort I felt growing up, I also became a person that didn’t take risks. I in fact feared doing things that were out of the ordinary because I didn’t feel comfortable with the unknown. I wanted to be able to control the results and controlled what happened in my life as much as possible. The older I got the more I realized even with the uncertainty, there can be great reward on the other side of risk. My senior year of high school was probably when I took my first big risk, I was looking at colleges and decided there was only one school I really wanted to go to, so it was the only one I applied to. Read more>>

C.C. BEY | Recording Artist & Creative Designer

Taking risks; that’s a core root of why I’m talking with you right now. I feel like the more risks you’re willing to take on yourself the more beneficial your experiences, wether they be bad or good in perspective, its all lessons. The risk I took on myself to fly across the country from Murfreesboro TN to San Francisco Bay Area, CA and leave my family, daughters, friends etc behind has helped me to discover my most transparent & vulnerable self & rejuvenate my passion for art. I am thankful for the opportunities I have been able to enjoy & learn; if I didn’t believe in my ability to weather any sort of storm I wouldn’t have taken such a tremendous chance. At the end of the day I equate ‘risks’ to “Turning pain to power” The life motto of my HAppy Life Recording/DieNKulurs Collection Brand. Read more>>

Samantha Alvarez | Filmmaker & Photographer

I like to think of everyday risk-taking as a great conversation starter for the dinner table. It can be seen as an impulsive behavior, therefore it is feared or unfavored by some people. I believe this is the case when people do not know the benefits behind taking educated and calculated risks. A risk can be as small as trying something outside of one’s comfort zone, and as big as leaving a long-term job and becoming an entrepreneur. The risk happens when the desire overpowers the fear, and an action stems from it. Shifting my mental framework over the years has opened many doors for me that I dreamed of walking through. Whenever I am not content, I like to change the scenery and the situation. I find space and time to focus on what is getting in my way and what I need to do to remove it. I believe taking these risks can move a person forward in great ways. Read more>>

Brea | Sr. Recruiter, Program Manager & TV Host.

Risk taking can be tricky. Without taking risks and chances, you gain nothing. However, some risks can cause you to actually loose more than you bargained for. There should be a balance between risk and staying grounded. I took a risk when I became a recruiter, because I had no idea what to expect and where the road would lead. It’s not a typical career path that you study for in college and I didn’t know anyone who was in this field at the time I started. I took a risk when I branched out into the TV/entertainment industry. Again at the time I didn’t know anyone who could mentor me or even ask advice to at that time. Plus, most people I knew who made good money followed a more traditional career path. “Banker, Lawyer, Accountant, Nurse, Teacher, etc. Taking the life less traveled can be a little lonely when starting out and often times you end up becoming your own cheerleader. Read more>>

Trvpyyy | Producer

I think that taking risk is a very important part in your career, you don’t want to be to scared to get out of your comfort zone because that’s how you box yourself in. I’ve taken many risk early on in my career and at first thought of all the possible bad outcomes but once you change that mindset and worry less I guarantee it’ll be worth it. The fact that I took those risk early on definitely taught me a lot and helped me get to where I am today. Now I’m always willing to step out and try something that most people normally wouldn’t plus it makes everything more interesting and not so routine. Read more>>

Courtney Johnson | Jewelry Designer, Mom, Shop Owner

My perspective on risk is, “Might as well try!”. Nothing is guaranteed in life or in business. The thing that worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today. As soon as you get comfortable and stop working on the next idea, you get passed by the competition. When I left my fulltime job in 2016 to start my own business, that was a big risk that has paid off in ways I couldn’t have even predicted. In 2018, I took a big financial risk to join a wholesale showroom. It wasn’t as profitable as I had hoped but I gained invaluable experiences and relationships. In 2019, I opened a pop-up store. It was more of an investment/risk of my time than money. It paid off and I’m currently working to make the pop-up a permanent brick and mortar location. If I had not taken the 1st risk, and then another and another…. I would have missed countless opportunities. Read more>>

Savannah Cyree | Content Creator

Truthfully, I’m a leap before I can think too long about it kind of gal. Because no matter what happens I’m going to learn. I’ve watched so many friends feel paralyzed by the thinking of it all, and I’ve fallen victim to it as well. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if I hit the bell the fit time or just get the sledgehammer to move the ball a little bit. I’ve done something. I’ve acted. I’ve taken a step in trusting my instincts. I’ve reminded myself that I trust me. I’ve chosen to move forward and learn. I’ve chosen to try. Without it, I wouldn’t have started a blog, went after a career in film, built the life I have or met the people who are in it. Without the risk, aka trying without any idea of how or what would workout, I honestly don’t know where I’d be other than in a terrible mental state. I think sometimes the biggest risk we take is not taking on at all. Read more>>

Felicia Dee | Actor/Comedian

I have always taken risk. As I got older I was more strategic about my risk. When I started on my acting journey I decided to leave a jibe that was causing me a lot of stress. With no plan only just to move out of state! From North Carolina to Georgia with no job lined up. I decided to embark on a career that I had no clue about which seemed dangerous to others. Driving Lyft. I came to Georgia with $450 no saving. And I had to wait 90 days on my retirement! I really had no where to go because those folks that breathed “You can stay with me, until you get on ya feet” some how Vanished! My last resort was My Godmother Vivian S. Bell. She took Me in and I remember the conversation She said, I have a room but you are gonna have to buy a bed. So it was stay in that one room or go back to North Carolina! So I stayed and Several Movies, Music Videos & Tv shows! I thank God for sustainability through it all. Read more>>

Cathy Cunningham | Founder Mama Geraldine’s Brand

I’ve apparently always been a risk taker, however not always getting great results. I’ve left several high paying jobs, to follow my passions with hopes the money would follow. Didn’t usually happen is a timely fashion. If you are risk adverse, entrepreneurism is perhaps not path you should follow. I truly live by “no risk, no reward”. Frankly, if a new venture doesn’t come with an element of fear, it may not be work pursuing. Managing risk is also a skill that should be embraced. Do your research, learn from mistakes and that will reduce your chances of failure. But adverse stuff will happen, regardless of how prepared you may be. I really think never taking risk in life, may be the great risk of all. Read more>>

Malaysia Bradley | Graphic Designer & Dj | Owner of Beatz Entertainment

I believe not taking risk is the biggest risk. Risk taking is uncertain, which makes it uncomfortable but it is all about the leap of faith and growth. I didn’t always take risk, I liked to be ahead or in control of each task/situation. I sometimes felt like I was missing out on opportunities even. Taking risks allows opportunity for growth within yourself and business. As an entrepreneur it is definitely necessary, the quote “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” goes to say you won’t know unless you bet on yourself. Read more>>

Montu Miller | ATHfactor-Liberty Entertainment COO & Hip-Hop Advocate

Risk has been a significant factor in my success. Many of the moves I made were just me being fearless and taking a chance. I came to Atlanta in 1995 for college; I attended Morris Brown College. Naturally, I study everything around me; I have always absorbed my environment and been a quick study. Being in the AUC center showed me a lot, from the homies from ATL, Cali, NY, Detroit to the business person selling products everywhere. Everyone seemed to be moving and shaking something. We would go to the club, concerts, the mall. I learned a lot about business, marketing, and promotions from my time living in ATL. Fast forward to 1999 to my move to Athens, attending the University of Georgia. I took many of the lessons I learned from ATL and applied them to my Athens business ventures. Most of the time, it was just trial and error, minor and major risks. I had to take a risk when I started doing events at my loft apartment with a UGA organization I help create called the Dreaded MindZ Family, a group of students, poets, community members, Hip-Hop, activists. Read more>>

Maurice P. Kerry | Actor / Entrepreneur / Motivator

Fear is a feeling that often grips us all at some point on some level in our lives. Fear is designed to keep us safe and protect us from danger. It’s normal and it’s human. But it also has a funny way of keeping us from our true potential. The fear of failure can cause someone not to even try, not to take THE MOST important step, the first step. People are often afraid to risk their image or the idea people have of them. Specifically, people, they don’t know, can’t see or touch. Why?! When those people DON’T even know your name? What is the consequence of being yourself and doing what you love around people who neither add nor take value from the person you want to be? NONE! I am a United States Marine Corps, Iraq War, Combat Veteran. I’ve been shot at and bombed by people who wanted to take my life…AND SURVIVED! What the HELL do you think someone’s opinion is going to do to me?! With my fearless attitude. Read more>>

Javonda Jackson | Founder & Owner of GlamNovaj

Taking risks can be very scary but overall I’m a risk taker. I’ve always been since day one. The beginning of my journey started with a risk that was worth taking. I dropped out of college to attend cosmetology school. It cost my family being highly upset with me, being laughed at by nay sayers who said I wasn’t going to go far as a hairstylist. I remember being talked about and called “College Drop Out”. My family had made it clear that if I quit college they would no longer support me financially therefore I had to start from zero. I worked a few jobs to help support myself as well my business startup. I always knew what I wanted and I wasn’t going to stop until I got it. Here I am today licensed traveling cosmetologist and Founder/owner of GlamNovaj. I’ve worked hard and built a solid clientele in my hometown (Pompano Beach, Fl), Atlanta Ga, & Los Angeles California by taking many risks. If I can do it all over again I definitely would. Read more>>

Jennifer Messer | Creator & Business Owner

Risk taking is something that I tend to struggle with in both my personal life and my career. I have heard people say that the move you are most afraid of taking is probably the one you should be making. I try to live by that but it’s hard. It’s hard to make yourself do things that are not comfortable. It’s scary. ‘What if I fail?’ or ‘What if it doesn’t work out like I want?’ are thoughts that frequent my mind when I am considering taking a risk. The beauty of risk taking is it becomes a successful venture or a learning experience. Either way, you tried and learned something new. I try to keep that in mind. Read more>>

Rich “Habits” Rogers | Entrepreneur

Risk taken is a major part of my success actually. I was told awhile ago chances make champions, I’m a big thinker. I think everything out as much as possible from the good things to the bad things. Before starting a film company (Creative Habits productions) with my business partner and my own personal investment company (Richabits LLC) I worked overnights in the ICU, and one day out the blue I said I’m not going back to work I’m figure out something to do thats gonna work for me. Started off stocking trading making lil money here and there. I was presented an investment opportunity from a friends dad that could benifit me. With the little money I made investing and had saved up I was able to get in on the opportunity in which I was able to make enough money to finally take a break and map out a plan to execute, which would be beneficial. Read more>>

Kimberly Raven | Actress

The biggest risk I’ve ever taken in life was in ME! Believing in myself beyond limitations, fear, and the pressure of society influences. As a young girl growing up in Southeast Atlanta, it wasn’t much high expectations placed on the kids in my neighborhood. You were given two choices: lose yourself within the cracks of life or take control of your life. I chose to take control of my life and take the risks of growth and change to be the BEST version of myself. We are given this one life that can be lived in so many ways and yet life is sometimes stagnated by the thoughts of anxiety, negative thoughts and rejection. Your life is not your life if you constantly let the opinions of others dictate the production of the process. I never knew how things would work out but taking risks into new territories and opportunities freed me from the continuity of life. Read more>>