“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Christopher Favors | Author, Bishop, & Inspirational speaker

Authenticity, is the value that matters to me the most. Its a principle of truthfulness, honesty and being transparent. You only have your word. To keep your word and being authentic will take you a long ways and open doors for you. Its shows sincerity and honor. Read more>>

Jai Musiq | Recording Artist

Love is the thing that matters most to me, in all aspects. The love you have for your family and friends, the love you have for a partner, and the love you show towards people you may not even know. Love is the highest frequency in my opinion. If you move with love, love will come back to you. I honestly believe that we all have a similar purpose in life, and that is to show love to ourselves and others. Read more>>

Linnita Hosten | Student Success Strategist

Excellence in everything, every time is my personal motto. I’ve adapted this principle that is rooted in scripture (Ecclesiastes 9:10) to guide my everyday interactions, behaviors, and performance. It ultimately sets the bar for how I show up in the world- even when i may not be feeling my best. Read more>>

Tiffany & Tequilla Daniels | Managing Partners, Sqrd Advising LLC

Honesty and transparency. Our job is to learn our clients’ businesses and clearly articulate what we can do for them. There is a mutual benefit in shooting straight from the hip when it comes to discussing their pain points and our capabilities. We do not believe in selling our clients fluff or following “trends” that will not apply to their needs. We strive to give them solid advice and solutions. Their success is a direct reflection of ours. Read more>>

Chantal Joseph | Founder of Fashconnects

The value that matters most to me is serving others well. I pride myself in being able to lend a hand to friends, strangers and even my community. I find joy in being able to pour onto others, and being able to see the joy in an individual’s face from that is what keeps me going. Whether in my personal or professional life, I show up each day with a heart to serve and do what I can to leave an impact. Read more>>