“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Eryn Paige | Model & Entrepreneur

Kindness, or the act of being kind. That was the first word that came to mind. I believe if you lead with kindness, It’ll come back to you ten times over. This industry is tough. Read more>>

Marqita Delgado | Actor

I want to encourage and inspire people to not only dream big but do pursue their dreams and passions and fulfill their purpose in life. It’s a value of mine because I feel like life is meant for us to inspire and uplift each other. Read more>>

Cara D’Adamo | Artist & Actor & Entrepreneur

Authenticity, gratitude, kindness, respect, and integrity. Staying true to yourself in a world that is consistently trying to change you, is our greatest gift as an artist. Being truthful to who we are as individuals and people are the foundation to living. We have to speak our truth even if our voice shakes. Read more>>

Lauren J Whitley | Artist

Creating art that lends itself to the personal, spiritual, and mental freedom of others as well as myself is the most important value that I can name. Personally, I’ve found so much depth in the process of creation, Read more>>

Winston Wilson | Speaker and Writer

In my life, I’ve used values as the guidepost for crafting my goals. The one that has the most impact has been “learning”. There are others that have powerful significance such as “Health, Family, Creativity, and Spirituality.” Read more>>

Maytal Angel | Actress/ Producer

A value that is most important to me is kindness. I am a people-person and I value other humans and their journey so much. My encounters with every person I ever met are all a part of who I am. Read more>>

Tytiana Ty” Steele | Business Owner

Authenticity; the quality of being authentic. One of the principles I live by is being your “Authentic Self”. Staying true to who you are as a creative and not letting others shift your focus or purpose is the most valuable mindset you can have. Read more>>

Morrell Dillon | Artist & Producer

The thing I value most is balance in life ,when u have balance you’re able to function correctly mentally spiritually as well as physically Read more>>

Tiffany Wilson | Shea Skincare Business

The value or principle I value the most is to stay true to yourself. In today’s world, we are always ‘swayed’ to be like the next big thing, or the next trend. If you stay true to who you are, success will be even more rewarding. Read more>>