“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Abbigale Comfort | Creative Director and Founder of Be of Good Comfort Designs (BOGC Designs)

What fuels my passion when it relates to business is “Making a Meaningful Impact”. Being able to serve others through my skills, gifts and talents is an honor. My clients are movers and shaker and their stories and their business are changing lives and impacting their communities. But there’s one problem, they feel stuck. They don’t know how to get their message across in a way that makes people take notice, they don’t know how to position them self as a person of authority in their industry, they lack strategy and an online presence that sets them apart. Read more>>

Anthony Abram Jr. | Founder/CEO of Living Always, Inc

Gratitude would be a value or principle that matters the most to me. Last year was the most important year of my adult life. I didn’t get to high on the highs or low on the lows; and the lows hit me differently last year! For the first time I took things for what they were. I thank God and told him I was grateful for all situations, because each situation changed my perception in-turn changed my existence. Read more>>

Cristin McElroy | Electrologist

Hands down helping others has always been my number one core value! I am an empathetic person having always been attracted to helping others in many facets. This comes quite naturally to me, I believe it’s a gift I was born with so it’s my duty to use my natural talents and serve others. I have a “CAN DO ATTITUDE!” Nothing motivates or inspires me more than someone telling me “you can’t do that!” I feel so blessed to be able to own a business that helps so many women attain confidence and and a renewed self worth. Read more>>

Antoinette Beeks | Wellness Coach, Model, Author

This principle is an overarching umbrella. Under her, you find commitment to what needs to be done, paired with dedication to what should always be done. Even though her actions are not always seen, the residual effects of her presence are often felt and appreciated, often without acknowledgment. She seeks no validation in doing right because after all, self-gratification is her polar opposite. Read more>>

Joseph Franklin | Cinematographer

There are two principals that I live by and that’s time and respect. Time is something that I cannot get back, so I choose to spend my time wisely with what I am doing, who I choose to hang with and what work I choose to give my attention too. I feel as if, whatever or whoever I give my time to isn’t beneficial to me than my time has been wasted. Now, respect is something that I choose to give a person, however it is up to them to keep. Kind of like that movie “Freedom Writers” when the substitute teacher gave the students an “A” and told them it’s up to them to keep it. So, if a person can remain solid from the beginning, then I’ll always respect them. Read more>>