Our businesses can feel like a part of us and so it’s often awkward to talk about why we are proud of our businesses, but it’s important to do so because talking about what makes us proud is what helps us double down on the values, principles, and best practices that matter most.

Rafa and Heather Ramirez | Husband and Wife Owners and Partners

We are most proud of the fact that we have built our the Havana Cigars Brand and Reputation from the ground up, without corporate monies. We are the only Afro Latino, Authentic Cuban Family,Mom and Pops owned cigar shop We carry the closest thing to a real Cuban Cigar; mainly Cuban families that took the seeds to Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, San Andres, Costa Rica,or Honduras, then cultivated and rolled tobacco through generations of Cuban Tradition. Read more>>

Katherine Kimbrell | Owner & Foodie

What makes me proud of the business I’ve built is the happy memories we’ve been able to create and the relationships we’ve been able to build with so many people. Our customers are more than just names, they become friends and some even family. We remember your name, how you came to find us, your order, and we can genuinely say we care about everyone and their needs. One thing I am proud of is the number of weddings we’ve had the fortune of catering each year. Read more>>

LaJoy Cox | Photographer

The thing that makes me so proud of the company that I have built is the fact that my company from a small start up to a brand that has worked with celerities and travelled world wide working with brides and grooms on various photo shoots. I am happy that I am able to continue to grow my company as well as spend more time with my family. At one point the biggest accomplishment that I had was working with magazines like Black Bride and Munaluchi Bride. Read more>>

Jennifer Ferris | Artist, Painting Instructor, & Owner of Ferris Wheel Arts

As a professional artist, I am most proud of opening my art center, Ferris Wheel Arts. It was a big risk financially, and I’ve had to pivot my business model several times, but it has brought me such joy, especially in seeing the joy it has brought to other artists. Creating art can be a lonely endeavor, and so it is great to have a place to come together with other artists. I’ve tried to make the art center a warm, inviting place accessible to all creatives. Read more>>

Dr. Kelly Robinson | Speech Language Pathologist

I am most proud of my ability to connect with families on a personal level to help them achieve developmental outcomes for their children. Read more>>

Jane Grover | Pie Connoisseur & Head Baker

When I first thought about starting my business I was so skeptical of how it would all play out. I mean, sure my family said I was good at what I did, but it’s family and sometimes family builds you up a little more than necessary! But I felt I had a unique product to the markets. Sure there are always people selling sweets, but I took something that is elusive to so many people…awesome, homemade pie. I can’t tell you how many people confess to me how hard it is to make a good pie. Read more>>