We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Serwa Collins | Romance Concierge

Hmm. What makes me happy? Love. Peace. Unity. Togetherness. Productivity….& Other’s happiness. I’m just one of those people that loves compassion and love, regardless of its dynamic. Whether it’s a couple, a younger person helping the elderly, someone giving a stranger a helping hand, etc. I simply enjoy witnessing unison. Mesmerized allows me to witness love and unity continuously. Read more>>

Julia Yoon | Illustrator & Designer

Being from Seoul, in South Korea, I was raised in a culture of extremely competitive people. The neighborhood where I lived was home to some very affluent families who wished for their sons and daughters to attend the top Universities and to follow very specific career paths; unfortunately this often resulted in these young people not having the freedom to follow their own passions. I think that growing up in this environment, and not being from a similarly wealthy family, I developed a habit of constantly comparing myself to others and pushing myself very hard to keep up. Read more>>

Kenzie McCall “DJ Kenzie Q” | DJ

Music. Music has always made me happy. For as long as I can remember I have always been around music or playing music either with my parents and learning how to play different instruments. Music can communicate feelings and emotions in ways that move people. It takes them to a moment or into a place where they can feel whatever emotion the song is conveying. I like to escape into music. Its my sanity. Read more>>

Kati Arikoski-Johnson and Jessica Kim | Co-Founders of Triple Step Studios

As a pandemic completely alters our normal routines, as the news cycles and social media introduce constant new crises, and as our own dance studio suspends the fun programming we had planned, we are still happy. How? We have built a community of friends and dancers who have adapted to online connections – people we can laugh and be silly around without fear of judgment. We’ve maintained closeness to those we care about, even when we can’t physically touch; this is an active group of people. Read more>>