We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Austin Gill | Photographer and Stuntman

What makes me happy? I have no idea. Sometimes I like that I don’t know, it allows for some spontaneity in my life, some adventure, and risk taking, constantly analyzing and searching for something new. I guess I’m not sure what happy truly means. I have this romantic vision of what I think would make me happy; the wife, the kid, and the dog, a house on a street with neighbors just like me, a stable job and a promising career. But that’s not what I know. My whole life has been a constant flow of instability. Read more>>

Ember Jill | Model & Communications Expert

What makes me truly happy is communications and vloging! Growing up I wasn’t given many resources coming from south side Jamaica, yet I was given many opportunities, and I took every chance I could get. I never feared the unknown because I knew the dark alleys I walked through would one day manifest into the light. Read more>>

Anthony Chad Styles | Image Consultant & Designer

Having the opportunity to see a new day makes me happy. Being connected to God/ Source makes me very happy. Also getting to do what I love for work each day is ultimate happiness. Why: because first and foremost, prayer works wonders! I feel so blessed with my life, highs and lows. I’m so grateful for my experience thus far. All of the lessons, the accomplishments, the set backs, the manifesting my dreams into reality; all of it is beautiful. Being sure of myself yet remaining humble keeps me happy. Read more>>