We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Xander | Photographer

Music is what keeps me going! It’s the lifeblood of my work and I try to incorporate as much as I possibly can… hence why I choose to work with music artists. I also really like tea. Read more>>

Amber Rodriguez aka GalaxEGirl | Twitch Streamer & Mom

What makes me happy? I would have to say my husband and my son. My little family that I’ve created makes my heart explode. They make me happy because, they never let me fall, they make me laugh on my hardest days, they show me so much love, and they support me in my dreams. I’m so incredibly thankful for the selflessness my husband shows and how much he wants my dreams to become reality. Being a streamer and a mom is one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done but to have the support system I have, is such a huge blessing. So yeah, I would definitely 1000% have to say my husband and my son! They are my backbone. Read more>>

Melissa Torrey | Visual Story/Emotion-teller

Creating makes me happy…getting what’s in my head out on some kind of visual canvas makes me happy…having at least one person connect with something I’ve created makes me happy because it lets me know that the reality of my unique experience and how it manifests itself in my creations is real. I don’t need validation that my creation is good, just that it’s real and exists beyond the boundaries of my own mind. For me, creating is akin to baring one’s soul; the part of the soul that can only be seen if the person chooses to reveal it, Read more>>

Samuel Omotere | Music recording artist

What really makes me happy is me being about to create. I feel like that’s my sanctuary you know. That’s really where I find peace, me being about to make music, work with sounds , it’s a really beautiful thing , and also the process of making it happen. Besides that I have a wonderful family who support what I do ,me seeing them happy makes me happy. Read more>>