Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Kandon Kyser | Dj and Creative Director

I find genuine joy in creating things. The process of bringing my ideas to life is something that truly fulfills me. Read more>>

Kwabena Boateng | HipHop Artist

alot of things make me happy as far as on the music side of things and the few good people I have around me. But the most thing that makes me happy is having a peace of mind. Read more>>

Crystal Beal | Pharmacist & Health/Wellness Advocate

I’ve always been passionate about healthcare and community service because I genuinely enjoy helping people feel good. While in pharmacy school at The University of Georgia I held service positions on both the local and national level. In these roles I was able to establish a mentoring program, participate in health fairs, coordinate a national conference event and more. After graduation I created my own organization, Minority Health Connection, to connect young healthcare professionals in Atlanta through networking and service events. Since the formation I’ve been able to organize free health screenings, education, and career events for the youth. I currently work as a Pharmacist Consultant for a major PBM and and I also work as a consultant for Beautycounter- the leader in safer makeup and skincare. All of these opportunities support my passion for helping people physically, mentally, and emotionally improve. Read more>>

Terrance(TJ) King | Music Producer, Songwriter/Vocalist, Audio Engineer & A&R

They’re many things that play a part in what makes me happy. Being creative & helping people reach their goals while doing what we love is probably the main thing. Working among like-minded people and pushing one another to be our best selves will always put a smile on my face. Read more>>