We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Fanchon De Luca | Graphic Designer, Writer, Photographer

Creating things makes me happy. Whether I am designing something new for a client, writing , taking photos, or cooking, if I am in the act of creation , any worries that I have , goes away bringing me true joy, peace and focus. Read more>>

Natasha Skinner | Consulting & Retail Maven

Through Expressions of Vernee, I get to share my sunshine in a dreary world. I am sharing my quotes of motivation, creating content that will boost non-profit organizations and businesses’ visibility while launching retail products that will encourage and inspire others. Creating and curating content, crafting empowering quotes, and helping others market themselves in their best light brings me delight. Read more>>

Tamell Bailey | Computer Technician & Spoken Rap Artist

To put it in the simplest terms. Living makes me happy. Thinking about the endless possibilities of the future, while appreciating the memories of the past and living within the present. My happiness didn’t develop overnight. Happiness is something I train every day for much like a bodybuilder must train his/her body every day. Happiness is my mental fitness program. My happiness training program primarily consists of choosing to pay attention and focus on positivity instead of negativity. Humans are creatures of habit and tend to mostly “see” what we are “looking for”. Therefore, I know that if I try my best to find the positive attributes out of even the most negative situations, then I am doing well on my mental fitness program. Happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey. I learned long ago that the moment I stopped trying to depend on outside factors or achievements to make me become happy and instead appreciate the great and small things about living every day that I truly was already happy. Read more>

Bianca Waechter | Actor

Mainly the sun, ice cream and being around people with open hearts and big dreams. And, of course, standing on stage, on set and dancing. Anything that gives me the opportunity, love and space to express myself and be my true self makes me happy. Read more>>

Larrissa Tate | Stay at Home Mom

What makes me happy? Being able to see my family happy. I’m a mother of 4. I have to make sure all of my kids are always happy and get to enjoy their childhood. It brings me so much joy seeing them smile. And my loving husband as well. Read more>>

Joshua, Bovill, MBA | Entrepreneur, Educator & Author

What makes me more happy than anything in the world is knowing that my wife and son are proud of me. Just the other day, I jokingly said “I don’t feel like working on a video for a client”. My 6 year old son yelled in the room and said “Daddy, you know you’re not supposed to give up”. I laughed because I knew my wife and has instilled something in him. Read more>>

Raven Greene | Photographer & Creative

What makes me happy is being able to create everyday. I love waking up doing what I love and learning new ways to be creative. Read more>>

Kenel Jackson | Hair Stylist

What makes me happy is being in complete control of my happiness at all times. The reason is, I learned not to let outside things control the way I feel inside. Once you grasp the understanding of choosing your happiness. No matter if you are having a good day or a bad day, you will not let a single thing take away from your ultimate joy. I love feeling free. Read more>>

Taurean Cavins-Flores | Actor

Acting is what makes me happy. I’ve never wanted to do anything else and it’s what drives me in life. As a young boy with a less than orthodox childhood, acting was my safe place and my solace. Read more>>