We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.


The most important factor to me is, belief. Belief in myself, ,the brand, my team and where we are going. Read more>>

Taribba do Nascimento | Creative Director

Authenticity. Many people along the way have given me advice to align myself to other brands and I’ve always categorically refused. I realised early on that I can’t be a bad copy of someone else and expect to thrive. People support my brand because it is uniquely Caribbean and uniquely me. I put myself out there as the face of the brand and people can relate to where my aesthetic comes from and that has always been my brands biggest appeal. Read more>>

Julia Thompson | Owner

One of the most important factors behind National Audio Visual Services’ (NAVS) success is directly attributed to our integrity and not cutting any corners on any job – from setting up and running a live event, to completing an audio visual installation project, or simply live-streaming a wedding or funeral, and even out on a video shoot. Our audio technicians and video technicians are trained that there’s a right way to do a job, and then there’s the ‘lazy way’.  Read more>>

B. Miller | Founder/CEO

Innovation- We strive innovative ways to care for our clients Read more>>

Niesha Davis | Jewelry Designer

I think the most important factors behind my success are that I’m down to earth but sassy, relatable, and always thinking out the box when it comes to creativity. I am a first-generation business owner. I want to set an example that if you want it bad enough, you can achieve it. Read more>>

Shakur Kemp | Artist,Model,Motivator,Student,Ceo

Success is what you determine it to be, God only puts his toughest soldiers through the roughest obstacles Read more>>

Asha Yi-Jackson | Beautician

Consistency. There are many factors but most importantly for me was being consistent. You will go a long way with being consistent with your work/products. You have to be dedicated and determined, and not just looking at another dollar going into your pocket. It takes time but the process is well worth it. Till this day I’m determined to do better with my business. When I first started my hair extension business at 14 years old, I honestly had no clue on where to start. Read more>>

Jessica “J.Nicole” Screen | Singer/Songwriter, Pianist, Vocal Producer

The most important factor behind my success is nostalgia. My musical sound is constantly evolving to stay relevant and current but I always keep that nostalgic 90s “feel good” rnb vibe in all of my records. When I write for or vocally produce other artists, they always love my unique melodic approach and I feel like that signature has allowed me to continually grow my brand and business. Read more>>

Cassandra Richardson | Clay Jewelry Maker

We’ve been in business since we were kids with our Mom and the one thing that has kept us profitable is our high level of customer service. Read more>>

Woose Dragon | Recording Artist & Writer

One of the most important factors was to keep going no matter what obstacles or naysayers I come across, I always keep pushing to accomplish what I want to get done Read more>>

Carlene Woods | CEO of The Glow Room & CaCa’z Cake’z

The most important factor behind my success is God! I thought that my life was over at 18. I remember thinking I destroyed My Life because in high I was the Student Government Association President, Captain of the Cheerleading Squad, Voted most likely to succeed & so much more! Going to college, making the cheerleading squad at Florida A & M University I found out that I was Pregnant & I ended up having two babies by the age of 21. Read more>>

Antonia Durrah | Public Figure, Designer, and Entrepreneur

My authenticity. Staying true to myself and always trusting myself with my creativity. That’s the one factor that’s a MUST for me. Remaining my complete and true self is what separate me from others and is what brings me success. As long as I remain true to myself I could never lose. I could never fail. Yeah I can learn new lessons but if I’m learning then it’ll never be a fail. Staying authentic and trusting your own thought process is what keeps the ball rolling. Read more>>

D’Anthony Smith | Personal Trainer, Franchise Owner, and Athlete

My Faith in God has always been the most important factor behind me being successful at what I do. The purpose he has given me is the very reason why I exist, to help people become better a better person with a positive mindset. The Calling that have on my life is an on going journey and every time that I wake up to a new day. It becomes evident that what I am doing, the brand that I am creating, and the life I am living is far bigger than me. Read more>>

Calvin Hill | Fragrance Designer & Author

One of my biggest keys, to succus, is to have a passion for what you love to do. As A child you think you may want to be A Doctor, Lawyer, or President. But things change as you get older and find what your passion is. And my passion is to create a brand that one day is known as a household name. Nivlac The Brand started out with A vision for being the voice for those who went through similar life issues. Nivlac is Calvin spelled backward I wanted to be creative with my brand. Read more>>