We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Molly Edwards | Residential Realtor

I am a firm believer that being genuine in my business had led to my success. My goal is for my clients to see how passionate I am about what I do, and to make them feel comfortable throughout the entire homebuying or selling process. Once they go through the process with me, they often refer me to their friends and family which has given me the opportunity to grow my business organically. I love being able to work with all types of personalities, and do not take it lightly that I am walking alongside clients in what will often be the largest purchase they make in their lifetime. Staying true to myself has given me more opportunities within the real estate industry than I could have ever imagined, and I am passionate about sharing that with other aspiring agents. Read more>>

Shanise Morris | Creative Consultant, Designer, & Motherhood Blogger

Even before my first post went live on Instagram, or I published my first blog post on my website, I knew that success would ultimately come down to authenticity, and the ability to remain true to myself and my “why”… The creative space in general is highly saturated, as are the content creator and blogger markets and it can be hard to differentiate amongst those in any particular niche. For someone like myself, I can almost always count on creative mom bloggers offering up similar DIYs, hacks, tips and tricks around the holidays, and content around motherhood, parenting, and traveling in general. Read more>>

Kimiesha Jones | Recording Artist • Creative • Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is God. Jesus is 100% the center of my life. He is the reason I’ve been able to accomplish some amazing things and the reason the best is yet to come. Read more>>

Ashley Hugghins | Portrait Photographer for Teens and Tweens

My brand is all about empowering young girls to be their best and true self, so for me, the most important thing I can do is to live by that myself. I show my ups and downs and tell my audience that life will always have it’s challenges. By being true to myself, I am living what I preach and showing girls that you don’t have to be perfect to be worthy. Read more>>

Rachel Onojafe | Life Coach, Founder of Cosmic Queen & The Cosmic Coach Academy

I love this question! I don’t think there is only one secret to success, there are many…but one of the things that has had the BIGGEST impact on the success of my business is that I know my gifts and who I am and I let it SHOW. I’ve built my Cosmic Coaching business as a personal brand that people can know, like and trust. My people love to learn Astrology & Human Design from me and work with me because they know I’m 100% real and my story, from self-loathing to self-love, is my service. They feel the trueness of my heart, they refer me to their friends, and come back to work with me again and again. Read more>>

Jason B. Allen | Educator & Non Profit Leader

I’m inspired by my parent’s story. My father, Darryl G. Allen was raised by his grandmother, Lillie Mae Allen Young. My mother, Cassandra H. Allen, was raised by her grandparents Frank and Lillie Brooks Hurst. Both of my parents grandmothers were named Lillie and played an intricate role in their upbringing, faith and lives. In 2012, after the passing of my grandma Lillie Young at almost 105 years old, my dad had the vision for Lillie’s Foundation. Read more>>

Kimberly Solomon | Pharm D, Body Contouring Specialist, & Business Advisor

The important factor is to uplift people to be your own person and be happy no matter if it gets bad, good, ugly; you keep smiling until the end. The Glow By Kimmie gives the opportunity to help others achieve their weight loss goals and reach their desired body goal with lipo cavitation procedure, yoni steams, butt enhancement, Detox(sauna) and more services. Also Kimmie is here to help Build your business too; coach/guide you, teach the ins and out of the business and show you no matter who does the same thing like you, everyone can make money if you READY to listen and learn the right way and not fast way. Read more>>

Jarrell A. Green | Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is my ability to identify my “why” and deploy my “will”. Before I begin any endeavor I ask myself, “will the outcome positively impact my stakeholders (family, team, consumers)?”. I am selfless to a default and once I am passionate about something, I commit 100%. Read more>>

Macy Gordon | Macy Gordon | Gla’Noir Business Owner

Working in an Popular demand Industry such as the hair industry, you have to set aside by being different. Starting my foundation to my brain I set aside from different hair companies because of my originality and my professionalism. It’s rare nowadays because everybody wants to be a boss and everybody wants to be a entrepreneur but the professionalism and knowing how to carry yourself as a business owner is top priority. Everyone sells here as a side hustle but starting my foundation I said that I wanted to be different. As a example I don’t have a website for my business only because to be hands-on with my customers. Read more>>